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Get your account protected on Facebook!

Get your account protected on Facebook!

The social community Face ebook requires a bit of of follow of The Entire functions such as Privateness, signals, situations, groups, to be absolutely exploited.

Manage the confidentiality of your knowledge on Facebook
As Soon As registered on the network, some of your data is seen by means of default regardless of the person.

This Is particularly the case together with your standing, Images and publications. That Is also the case with your biography, your prices, your loved ones and your relationships.

Images and movies during which you have been identified are viewable to just your friends and their friends, same is along with your date of beginning and your political, spiritual views. All these data as you must be realizing are simplest available to friends.

But beware these default settings aren’t all the time appropriate and also you want to be aware of some tit and bits about these function to make yourself safe and protected from the misuse of your private data. For Instance, That You Would Be Able To make a choice to restrain the e-newsletter of your Images and videos by way of others. To Do This, Click On functionality Account , then Privacy Settings .

Now , Within The window Click On on the option Customise settings . That You May then make a decision exactly who can have access to explicit content material. Then choose the part’ others share option’ Photographs and videos during which you’re recognized . Click On Exchange settings and choose Only For me to prevent them to “tag” you in those Photos.

Making your profile more personal Fb profile
To Do So Within The Privateness Settings , Click On the Show Settings option underneath Get in touch on Fb . Which You Could then set that may be discovered on Facebook (default everyone). It’s Also on this page That You Would Be Able To restrict the Show of some of your individual data similar to your current city, your job, your hobbies, your folks listing …




11 Comments to “Get your account protected on Facebook!”

  1. I am an admin for lots of pages (not the owner) and our facebook page regularly does get hacked, my friend gets removed as owner sometimes by one of the other admins, although we dont know who. So, I want an app or security measure installed to track who is doing what on our facebook page, admin or not, and if someone hacks our facebook page or even removes my friend as the owner of the page, they’ll get caught. Ideas?

  2. I am on a shared computer and want to know how to really protect my accounts.I really need detailed answers.

  3. louisewoods1984 // April 25, 2013 at 16:33 // Reply

    I have recently asked a browser game to delete my account details, as I could not find any option for me to do this myself. However they seem unwilling to do so and I would like to know if there are any organisations that protect the rights of people to delete their accounts from such sites, please?

  4. As of now, if non-friends look me up they can see all of my photos and everything. I looked under privacy control and account settings and found nothing that would allow me to change my settings. Thank you in advance!!

  5. Kind of wonder as I watch America’s Most Wanted tonight whether or not a fugitive could be captured should he have a Facebook acount (or an account on any other social networking website). With IP addresses or detective work with contact of such an account, could it lead to a capture?

  6. Alright well on my Facebook account whenever i change my password it says “Facebook can log you out of other devices” And i just choose “log me out of other devices”. Does this mean someones accessing my account? If so how do i protect my account?

  7. The Dark Knight // May 30, 2013 at 11:35 // Reply

    I made a new FB last week, & I logged on and said your account recieved feedback that this is real. Anyway I passed the test & I have my FB back… But how do I stop someone from saying my account is fake, when it isn’t?

  8. Elijah luv // June 1, 2013 at 15:18 // Reply

    I suspect that my emails and Facebook accounts have been accessed remotely.
    My original yahoo account has also disappeared.
    Is there any way of finding out?

    Thank you.

  9. Any tips?
    I’m new to facebook. My friend got me interested.
    What can I do to make it difficult for people to search for me via google?

    I notice when I type someone first and last name it goes to there facebook page, How do i avoid being so public?

  10. I just got a facebook account and my mom has an account to how do i keep it a secret?? ( my parents are very over protected, my mom got mad when i told her i had a bf and my dad is just a dad gets sad cuz your growing up) and i get grounded very easy…… ( my mom called me and i was dead asleep sooo i didnt answer i have had my phone tooken away for a week now)

  11. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag // June 8, 2013 at 13:51 // Reply

    Ok I lost my ipod touch the other night (guess which) and i have a strong suspicion its been stolen. I had the facebook app on which never asked for a password. I made a new facebook account which I hate and I want my old one back. Is there anyway I can secure that only I can get on. Ta kids.

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