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Google Plus is Still in The Race, Outpacing Twitter

Google Plus is Still in The Race, Outpacing Twitter

Thousands And Thousands of people got here ahead to open their debts with Google, when Google plus rolled out with its products and services in 2011 in Paris.

But soon it was once discovered that Google plus lacks many essential features like useful content material and exchanges.  It used to be no longer in a position to offer users high quality social networking expertise.

However In Step With information released this week by means of internet analytics firm GlobalWebIndex, Google plus is getting an increasing number of customers and has already outpaced Twitter.

The Main purpose responsible for the growth of Google Plus, an increase of 33% i.e. from 269 million users in 2012 to 359 million users in 2013 should not defined and is linked to Google’s effort to build connecting layer across all its services.

Google claimed that 500 million individuals have created their accounts on Google But as a matter of fact that, out of them best One Hundred Thirty Five million users have been actively the use of this social networking site.

It still has to quilt an extended distance to compete with Fb as it is having 701 million energetic users. But nonetheless after taking a look on the extent of Google plus bills, it used to be too early for the naysayers to declare the death of Google Plus.

Within The race of having crowded social media networks, Google Plus needs to create a distinct segment for itself. Google informed that we are absolutely satisfied with our progress to this point.

Claire Stokoe, social media manager at Mediaworks instructed that she is doubtful that Google plus will ever meet up with Fb, But she keeps warning customers to not ignore it.





8 Comments to “Google Plus is Still in The Race, Outpacing Twitter”

  1. Spider Pc // May 24, 2013 at 03:24 // Reply

    I could start up 100 Google Chromes but they will all close. Any help, I need to get something in my Boomarks.

  2. Google is no longer Google. It now directs me to its advertisers rather than to information. It limits my scope more and more each day, confining me to geography and searches I made yesterday. It’s almost as bad as Facebook’s friend suggestions of still more total strangers.

  3. lucasg615 // May 27, 2013 at 20:48 // Reply

    How do you make Google account? Why is Youtube changing so you can not use your Youtube password? When I just signed into Youtube I got this message—– Please start signing in with your Google password from now on. Pretty soon we will be phasing out support for signing in with your old YouTube password.

  4. thexbox360player // May 28, 2013 at 21:06 // Reply

    Google’s search engine now requires javascript. Can’t click on the results and go to the sites with javascript turned off. Does Google have a non-javascript search engine or something?
    It appears to be an experimental thing that Google is doing and is turning the feature on and off intermittently. I hope they don’t make it JavaScript only, if they do I will quit using Google search. I will virus scan my computer just in case though.

  5. Christopher J // May 30, 2013 at 02:12 // Reply

    So Google is now telling China that it will abide by the censorship laws? Has it given up on its recent stand against censoring its content?

  6. If GBuy (apparently a Google service) is something different from Google checkout, where can I find that service? Is it better than Paypal?

  7. I know that Google and major search engines normally index and rank well Craigslist ads but my question is how long does it take to do so? 24H?


  8. also, does google has servers in which we can pay to host our site? what about Google earth?

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