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How to Use Content Marketing to Relieve Stress


There are countless superior articles about Find Out How To curate, create and distribute Content to beef up your corporation goals; one among my up to date favorites is the Content Advertising Pyramid developed by way of Curata. On This weblog submit, alternatively, I need to discuss the usage of Content Advertising in stress Management.

The Elephant Within The Room

Stress remains to be a kind of elephant-in-the-room roughly topics at work. We don’t need our boss or group to grasp we’re wired as a result of it’s seen as a negative factor and a weak point Within The place of business. And regularly instances, we are so caught up in it that we ourselves don’t understand how much it affects us. How critical is the placement? The United Countries has declared occupational stress a world epidemic. And consistent with research conducted by using the American Psychological Association, almost two thirds of North American employees suffer from high ranges of stress coupled with excessive fatigue.

So Much in order that a few of us don’t even notice that functioning out of a place of perceived risk and stress has grow to be our usual mode of operation. Impolite habits at work, anxiety, despair, exhaustion, high blood pressure and loss in productiveness are only a few indicators that we’re out of balance.

Content Material Advertising And Marketing As A Stress Management Software  

Certain, you curate and eat Content that guides you on efficient stress Management techniques. However how about developing Content Material as part of processing the stressors to your lifestyles?

Take me as an example. We were about to start day two of our three-day session in ayurvedic medication, one of those Eastern therapeutic modality when news of the Nepal earthquake reached us. The second I heard in regards to the earthquake, I knew I Wished to do something. So a pricey good friend from category And I raised our arms to go to Nepal. It took us a while to get the “go in advance” and a month later, I landed in Kathmandu.

Arriving in a third-world u . s . struck by natural mess ups was something I had by no means skilled sooner than. Even Supposing Nepal had pale from the news, the aftermath of the earthquakes used to be (and still is) very real. And it used to be throughout us. Whereas we were there, Mom Earth mentioned howdy to us with 5 substantial earthquakes and a flash flood now not seen in over 30 years; augmented through (violent) protests. Regardless Of all this, the Nepali people remained hopeful, appreciative and welcoming, and we were over-the-moon grateful that we had the opportunity to spend a while there.

The stressors that trigger a stress response for your body wish to be first understood and then processed. Journaling is a superb solution to uncover your triggers and course of their effects on you. In The Event You take into accounts it, journaling is actually a type of Content Material Marketing for yourself.

I documented my practise and expertise, and my journal changed into my “core Content”. Within The industry world, this might be your e book. From there, I created “spinoff Content Material”, including brief- and lengthy-form weblog posts and “micro-Content Material”, equivalent to quick updates on my social channels and by means of electronic mail, featuring footage and videos. Later, I selected a few visuals and compiled them into 1-minute video stories to make them more straightforward to share and devour. Upon my return dwelling, I hosted a fundraiser experience and gave a short presentation on our work and playtime, and our classes realized in Bhaktapur. I continue to share this experience in several forms, a couple of of which I outlined in my 20+ Tips On How To Repurpose Content Material blog submit. I had so much to course of, and each time I turned this expertise into some type of Content, I left a little more stress on paper and rather less stress in my physique.  

Subsequent time you’re feeling underneath power, grasp a pen and begin writing. Preserve a journal of your experience, let the phrases glide and notice what occurs. 

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