Because Google Glass first debuted in April of closing year, many have criticized Google for charging $1,500 for the wearable system – a value so excessive that, if it continues to be at that level for the general public unencumber next 12 months, reasonable consumers will likely be priced out. So, the idea goes, Google will have to chop the associated fee of Glass all the way down to one thing more inexpensive if it wants Glass to be a market success. That’s what Google plans to do, right?

I doubt it – as a minimum no longer anytime quickly.

Google seems to be seeking to make you assume Glass is cool – even if the specs seem to be, well, super dorky.

The Mountain View firm’s strategy for Glass up to now has been to make the augmented truth tech purposefully unique – a product By Means Of and for celebrities and elite individuals of the tech trade, now not common ol’ folks such as you or me. In doing so, Google appears to be trying to make you assume Glass is cool – despite the fact that the specs seem to be, well, super dorky.

Slapping on a hefty price ticket to manufacture a “cool” factor is nothing new or distinctive to Glass. Take the rage business, For Instance. Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and others intentionally charge outrageous prices for his or her items to keep the riff raff from dirtying their model image.

“When Gucci sells a plain white tee for hundreds of bucks, it’s not as a result of it is spun from gold However to make it exclusive to a undeniable staff of people,” says Cator Sparks, editor of Digital Trend’s stylish brother website online, The Manual. “Similar with a Tom Ford tie costing more than most. It’s conserving it as a status symbol.”

The Car trade performs the same trick, says Nick Jaynes, Digital Pattern’s automobile part editor. For Example, Cadillac’s new ELR plug-in hybrid is priced at just about $Seventy Five,000 in an effort “to compete with the Tesla Edition S,” says Jaynes. And Kia’s new Luxurious sedan, the K900, will put you as so much as $70,000 within the gap – for a Kia. Are Cadillac and Kia as cool as Tesla, BMW, or Mercedes? Undoubtedly not – But they want to make attainable consumers assume they’re Via inflating the price of their products.

In Addition To the cost of Glass itself, Google revealed this week that even Glass accessories will price you and arm and a leg. Need To change the Glass earbud? That’ll be $50. Need A carrying pouch? That’s 50 bucks. too. Or how a couple of clear eye defend? That’s $75 – almost as so much as an iPhone 5C.

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Of Course, stratospheric pricing isn’t the one means Google is boosting Glass’ cool issue. When it launched in March, best hand-picked “influencers” would have the privilege of purchasing Glass. As of this week, Google has expanded the program to permit folks that already own Glass to invite as much as three pals into the Glass membership. In other words, the Glass Explorer application is the very definition of manufactured exclusivity. Does this technique enable Google to work out the kinks of Glass sooner than a much bigger launch? Yes ­– but it surely additionally creates the experience that those who personal Glass are unique.

This advertising strategy is the exact reverse of the way in which Google has handled Android, which is to make the mobile operating machine on hand to any company that desires it, without cost. The Outcome is a plethora of Android-powered units, from excessive-finish handsets like Nexus 5 to units that carriers actually provide away free of charge. There’s nothing exclusive or unique about Android, consequently. That hasn’t stopped it from becoming the world’s most popular cellular OS. But Google appears to be taking Glass in the exact opposite path.

Google does, then again, have a historical past of the usage of manufactured shortage to advertise a product: Gmail, which was invite-handiest (a.K.a. in “beta mode”) for a while. By Way Of requiring Net customers to get an invite to Gmail from any individual they knew, Google was once ready to make Gmail cool. (That’s how it appeared to me, anyway.) It wasn’t until eight years after its launch that Gmail become the net’s hottest electronic mail shopper – and it seems as if Google is taking a identical, lengthy-view tact with Glass. (Google tried the same factor with Google Plus, briefly, However instead took that one the other path – making everybody who makes use of Google’s products have a G+ profile.)

If You’re expecting to have access to a finances-pleasant pair of Glass anytime soon, put together to be sorely disenchanted. 

On high of Glass’ price and the exclusive Explorer program, Google reportedly has plans to market Glass thru a number of Luxury showrooms, the place upscale shoppers may have a possibility to peruse Glass and other merchandise created By Way Of the secretive Google X labs.

Company will allegedly Need To obtain an invite to the showrooms, that are presently being developed on barges in San Francisco and Portland, Maine. I say “allegedly” because Google has tested none of this, as a substitute selecting to keep its showrooms a thriller, adding further mystic to the public’s notion of Glass.

Eventually, In Fact, Google will make Glass on hand to everybody at a cheap value – that’s just popular sense. And the product may be cool sufficient by itself to thrive without a $300 price ticket. However For Those Who’re anticipating to have get right of entry to to a funds-friendly pair of Glass anytime soon, put together to be sorely disenchanted.