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Justin Bieber Got A New Tattoo?! See More Of His Religious Ink HERE!


Any Individual who has followed Justin Bieber knows that, despite his unhealthy habits, the teen is still very Non Secular!

And he additionally loves tattoos!

If Truth Be Told, The Biebs has so many tats that we didn’t even spot this one the first time round!

Jeremy Bieber posted a p.c.of Justin and brother Jaxon cutely sound asleep, and given that JB was once shirtless, we noticed the ink!

It’s a big pass which seems to be in the course of his chest.

Perhaps Justin must consider looking to that larger power for some existence guidance, as a result of he doesn’t seem to be getting it any place else!

Seems To Be nice though!

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[Picture by means of Jeremy Bieber/Twitter.]





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