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Lady Gaga loses 156 million Youtube views

Lady Gaga loses 156 million Youtube views

Controversy or now not,Woman Gaga finds her approach into the news. This time she has joined the record of musicians to lose millions of video views on YouTube.

Her respectable account lost some round 156 million views. Consistent With a YouTube spokesperson, VEVO reduced the play counts on many main artist’s movies by using as much as 2 million views in December 2012 due to articially inflation of view counts. Gaga’s account survived that initial sweep.

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Though many tens of millions of views had been removed closing month, Gaga’s videos had been found to be artificially boosted via hackers as neatly.




17 Comments to “Lady Gaga loses 156 million Youtube views”

  1. I need to use a youtube video in a school project, but youtube is blocked at school. How do I save it as a file/to my computer?

  2. I am interested in putting up some YouTube videos on my website, but they do not belong to me. Am I required to post some sort of disclaimer stating this? What are the rules for linking YouTube videos on a website?

  3. Sir fliesalot // April 21, 2013 at 21:40 // Reply

    I want to put a youtube video or videos onto my mp3 player, more specifically I have a Zune.

  4. have faith // April 22, 2013 at 17:54 // Reply

    Instead of using the youtube app on my galaxy tab, I prefer to use the internet and have youtube open in one tab as I browse through other tabs, however youtube stops playing once you select another tab. How can I make youtuge continuous play?

  5. I was wondering why my featured video on youtube starts automatically?
    I have read on other questions that its because you are a youtube partner, but i am not sure if i am one. Can anyone tell me why?

  6. On my youtube page my video just starts every time, then again not with all videos.

    Is there a way to make it stop auto starting?

  7. I have no trouble running older youtube videos of poor quality when I run newer youtube videos at 360p, there is a lot of stuttering.

    My internet connection is fine but I think the pc speed is cause the youtube videos not run smoothly

    How can I change this?

  8. How did youtube become so big by using copyrighted content ? Also what would you like to see in video sharing site to compete against youtube ? So like in video sharing sites like youtube what do you think would be cool on a video sharing site ?

  9. I wanna know what software or program people use on youtube to make their songs. Like traphik, lil crazed and other youtube rapper/singers use. Or if you know any good programs I could use.

  10. Thomas A // May 26, 2013 at 12:17 // Reply

    I had a youtube account started years ago. Then a couple months ago i got a gmail account to handle my school email. Now when i log on to youtube, using a yahoo account email, it logs me out of my gmail account and when i log back into my gmail account, the youtube one is also logged out. How can i stop them from interacting together and watch youtube and check mail at the same time?

  11. airdogspace2 // May 27, 2013 at 12:31 // Reply

    I’m looking for a youtube converter that will allow me to convert youtube videos into a format suitable for my iPod. The best one you can think of that won’t cause viruses to a mac would be fantastic. Thank you!

  12. blarg blarg // May 30, 2013 at 01:13 // Reply

    My youtube channel isn’t getting noticed. My youtube account is called mrmegapeanutbrain. My videos aren’t awesome, but I just want them noticed. Any tips?

  13. Okay, hello! I used to download youtube videos all the time, to make videos, you know, like about certain tv shows and such, I now have a mac book pro and would like some suggestions! What is a good youtube downloader?

  14. You know when you watch a video on youtube, the video continues to download the rest of it if you pause the video. I find that this can use up quite a lot of my bandwidth. Is there any way to change youtube settings so that if you click pause, youtube will not download any more of the video? Is there maybe a program or add-on I can download to manipulate youtube settings even? I am using Firefox.

  15. Resently I have been getting sick of youtube and so I desided to make things harder for myself and split my youtube channel (MrBlueyesHD) into 4 other youtube channels (MrBlueyesHDVlogs, MrBlueyesHDConsole, MrblueyesHDMinecraft and MrBlueyesHDizzle) now I had loads of fun making these youtube channels and loads of fun making the content to go on them But this customized thumbnails thing is really starting to annoy me
    On my old channel (MrBlueyesHD) I had customized thumbnails and had loads of fun making them and putting them on my videos. However, on my new youtube channels I dont have them and everytime I email youtube to ask why I just get jibber jabber that I cant understand back!
    Can somebody please explain why this has happened?
    I have 5 subsribers on each of my new channels and I had 10 on my old one

  16. homerliveshere // June 7, 2013 at 04:58 // Reply

    How can I make a youtube video without using a camera, just using pictures, music and text?

  17. Cpt Excelsior // June 7, 2013 at 23:50 // Reply

    Recently I’ve gone through youtube channels and people have their own advertisements on top of their youtube page. (ex.) Fred, he has his own advertisement on his youtube page. How do you make one?

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