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Mancunian or Cockney? British Airways survey finds few can tell the difference

Mancunian or Cockney? British Airways survey finds few can tell the difference

When You were asked what dialects Sean Bean, Maggie Smith, Kate Winslet, Tom Hardy, or Daleks talk, and your resolution is “British,” you could have some homework to do. However don’t feel bad: A British Airways survey found that few American Citizens can acknowledge various English accents, and Brits are simply as responsible in the case of American English. (We haven’t even touched on Australians, But we’ll let Qantas conduct that survey.)

Of 1,000 American Citizens and 1,000 Brits, high findings concluded that, with 23 % of the vote, American Citizens discovered the Glaswegian or Glasgow accent the sexiest of the British Isles, but also Probably The Most difficult to understand. In 2d situation with Sixteen % of the vote, was once Cockney. Essentially The Most intelligible-sounding accent was Geordie, or Newcastle, while Essex was once the least recognizable. As for British celebs, there was once indubitably that the most popular British accent among Americans would be Sean Connery’s, bringing in 36 % of the votes, adopted via Hugh Grant and Keira Knightly at 17 % and 12 percent, respectively.

On The Other Hand, amongst American accents, Morgan Freeman’s ranked perfect amongst Brits, with greater than 23 p.c of the vote, followed by means of Dolly Parton with 10 p.c and Reese Witherspoon with 6 p.c.

When requested to bet the variation between accents, 29 p.c of Brits idea the Georgia accent was once Texan. the brand new York accent used to be correctly identified The Most, with 26 %. Americans mistook the Glaswegian accent for Scouse, and one in 4 incorrectly recognized the Mancunian accent as a Cockney or London accent.

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The find out about also requested Americans and Brits to decide specific places. Simplest two in 5 Americans may find London on a map, and just one in five Brits could determine ny. Americans also concept Bristol used to be in Northern Ireland, However might efficiently point out Liverpool. In picking explicit states, Brits have been more successful: 60 percent correctly situated each California and Florida and Seventy Three percent located Texas.

Despite speaking the same language, it’s glaring American Citizens and Brits have bother recognizing the origins of their dialects (British Airways recommends Americans can take a flight across the pond to brush up on their English – those cheeky Brits). Nevertheless It isn’t Most Effective humans – dialects are also a challenge for voice acceptance software, specifically relating to decoding tones. When Apple’s Siri used to be introduced in 2011, it used to be mentioned that it couldn’t bear in mind some Scottish users.

In Keeping With a CBC report, broadcast recordings and transcripts are what’s used to train voice recognition techniques, so “they may be able to have a bias towards certain accents.”

“It’s not the case that one accent is tougher than another,”Marsal Gavaldà, a voice recognition expert at Yik Yak, tells the CBC. “”Accuracy varies broadly from speaker to speaker. There Are Specific segments – kids, seniors, or folks with an accent – whose acceptance charge is very low, or much decrease than the remainder of the population.”

But firms that make the most of voice attractiveness are working on making improvements to the technology, or as a minimum discovering a solution around it. For Instance, for its Nuance-based Sync device, Ford researchers traveled throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia to gather as many accents as that you can think of, so as to increase the computer’s acoustic fashions for no longer simply English, but additionally German, Mandarin, French, and Spanish. For vacationers, instruments like Google Translate might be useful in helping individuals get round – equipped the instrument can have in mind the speaker. Gavaldà tells the CBC that is an important for such techniques to be broadly general via the mainstream.

“If There Are Certain components of the inhabitants that aren’t neatly understood, They Will have much less get admission to,” Gavaldà says. “They’re Going To be less seemingly to use and make the most of these techniques.”

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