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Many shades of love and life – on Google’s Valentine Doodle

Many shades of love and life – on Google’s Valentine Doodle

Love and its many foibles rolled out on the Google homepage Thursday with an animated doodle celebrating Valentine’s Day and also the 154th delivery anniversary of George Ferris, who created the ferris wheel.

With two ferris wheels, representing Google’s two Os set towards a enjoyable fair backdrop of blues and reds, and winding roller-coaster tracks because the ‘quilt web page’, the Google doodle Also had some valuable life and love lessons for individuals who clicked on the guts at the centre.

In 10 sparsely gender-impartial cool animated film strips featuring animal characters – click on as soon as for each view – couples play out the various colors of affection. If the horse and the tiger retaining fingers on a bench taking a look out a moonlit landscape of mountains and streams symbolize most likely contentment and luxury, the octopus serenading the goose with its many fingers is the reckless ardour of past love.

Google's Valentine Doodle

Google’s Valentine Doodle

Then there is the drained rabbit ready on my own at a cafe for the tortoise to arrive. It does, with the aid of the 1/3 panel, But too late when all of the diners have long gone and the place has shut down. Additionally, the endure and the octopus out on a date in town – However by means of the top, the octopus is staring wearily in advance while the bear is busy wolfing down its food.

However there may be a lot fun to be had as well – just like the monkey and the elephant doing the cha-cha-cha in all probability on a dance flooring or the little hen and the hippo having the time of their lives on snow slopes.

After Which there may be the working out rabbit who pulls out plant life from its hat to offer to the dolphin. It appears to be like disappointed, and the rabbit, with an adequate-I-get-it look, then brandishes a fish for the smiling dolphin.

However life shouldn’t be all about being in love or residing through your partner. Ask the lone wolf, who is seen fortunately spread out on the couch, far off in a single hand, popcorn in the other and an open e-book.

Understand any individual in the market within the many characters in Google’s doodle? You’re certain to.




6 Comments to “Many shades of love and life – on Google’s Valentine Doodle”

  1. Mr SoLo DoLo // May 29, 2013 at 02:47 // Reply

    I have a background image on my Google homepage, but can you use it in the background on search results?

  2. I dont have Favorites on my google homepage, how do I find it ?

  3. Sergeant Pickle // May 31, 2013 at 06:09 // Reply

    Mine doesn’t show any number of results, when other people have them listed ? Why is this ? And how can I get the results shown on my google homepage .. thank you !

  4. morbiusdog // June 1, 2013 at 11:32 // Reply

    Seriously, if you haven’t played the game on the Google Homepage yet, go do it.

    I’ve stopped 45 so far.

  5. Gabriel Kenney // June 3, 2013 at 22:11 // Reply

    When I go into internet exporer , the part of the google homepage , web, videos , news , maps etc has a black background , does this mean I might have a virus?

  6. I used to have the oginginal google homepage. Through some freak accident I lost. Now that it’s gone I miss it and want it back.

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