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Mirror, Mirror: Reflecting on Your Personal Brand

Mirror, Mirror: Reflecting on Your Personal Brand

Last weblog I requested the question: Are you FAMOUS!?!  Possibly you might be, Maybe you aren’t. It doesn’t matter because people are on different journeys when to comes to personal Model. After I speak about it, it is mostly on Who’re you and how you need to be viewed. Now I’m changing my tune a bit of and specializing in whether you wish to have to be energetic or passive in terms of branding.  As I enter the subsequent segment of my trip, I’m exploring if how I Am viewed is how I need to be seen. 

So the place to start??  Let’s smash it down into three pieces: Reflect, Refine, Build. 

Mirror on your Non-public Model

1. Explore your strengths – over time I’ve taken many assessments to establish my strengths and it can be wonderful how they’re spot on. Through studying about yourself, which you could capitalize for your advantages, in addition to understand others better.  StandOut, MBTI, Social Kinds… no matter floats your boat.  If you haven’t already, take a few of these.

About me:

  • I Am a connecter and an advisor (StandOut).
  • My MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) displays me as an ESFJ (Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judgment) Myers-Briggs).
  • My Social Fashion is amiable

From Time To Time it helps to compare your notion with fact!

2. Get feedback – how do others perceive you?  Are you identified for something, do individuals come to you for assist?   Are people intimidated to talk to you?  Are there patterns on your performance feedback (positive or poor)?  Who’re the three folks that you would be able to have these conversations? 

About me:

  • I Have a depended on confidant I work with each day – she sees me top large meetings, as a team chief and interacting with my leadership.  Her perception is massively valuable, and she’s very trustworthy (Now And Again an excessive amount of so!) 
  • I’ve a career counselor who I meet with month-to-month to lend a hand guide my occupation.  He also represents me in annual evaluations and has perception into how I’m evaluated to my friends across the group. 
  • I Have a teach who works in a totally completely different space of the trade and does NOW NOT have day-to-day perception into my work, but he is familiar with my work environment.
  • I even have a few different mentors I Can talk to about different things. 

In Finding your individuals and ask them to be sincere with you. 

Three. Be a sponge – sit down for Half-hour and in reality take in what you’ve discovered about yourself. Did you study something new? If NOT, return to #2.  Begin eager about your new elevator pitch as you go into the refine stage. 

About me:

In guidance for this sequence, I’ve been absorbing my strengths analysis and the remarks I’ve bought while I give you my Non-public Model elevator pitch.  We’ll work via this together, so stay tuned…

Next time, we’ll speak about refining your individual Brand!

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