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New Born Baby Sold On Facebook in India

New Born Baby Sold On Facebook in India

Punjab Police has arrested three people found offender within the case of selling a new born Baby on Facebook.

Consistent With a record, a Child used to be born in Satyam Clinic in Ludhiana and its 47 years outdated grandfather abducted the baby telling his daughter Noori that she had given beginning to a still kid.

The grandfather Bought the new born youngster to a nurse in 45,000 Rupees and Nurse additional Offered it to a lab assistant named Gurpreet Singh working on the similar facility in 300,000 Rupees.

Gurpreet Singh posted an ad on Fb putting the infant for sale. Gurpreet Singh Offered the infant in 800,000 Rupees to one in every of his chums in Delhi. The Person came all the way from north masking a distance of 200miles to pick out the baby.

But The crime got here in mild when Noori, baby’s mother discovered her father with so much of money. She stated the case in police and filed a criticism in opposition to his father. Police investigators ultimately solved the case and introduced the newborn again to its mother.

Police has arrested the nurse and the lab assistant However The businessman continues to be fugitive. The grandfather of the newborn told the police that he wanted to sell the newborn because his daughter used to be divorced from her husband and he wished to remarry her.

The culprits may get prison for seven years. There are fashionable kidnapping gangs unfold in all elements of India, they kidnap kids and sell them into prostitution or begging rings.

India’s Nationwide Human Rights Fee pronounced that yearly, round 60,000 youngsters are kidnapped and two 1/3 of them are never discovered once more.




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