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New Myspace: Start of new era For Myspace!

New Myspace: Start of new era For Myspace!

Myspace was unexpectedly great as soon as again.

New Myspace ultimately speak in confidence the customers on Jan 14, and the preliminary hype has ongoing. Here’s A research of my discovery of the outdated and new outdated social community.

The very 1st factor to notice is that the primary Myspace and New Myspace are, now , totlally totally different wesites. In Case You Are using old Myspace bills but, your profiles would now not be changed to the new web page instantly, even though you need to made your New Myspace account.

It got here up with far for the reason that precious, gaudy easy to customise user profiles of the 2000s, however previous Myspace but specializing in speaking with pals , an nearly hopeless goal as Facebook has a;prepared turn out to be all-pervasive instrument for this function.

Signing onto the brand new Myspace person profile is a snap; you simply have to sign up through filling the profile knowledge needed, Additionally add a canopy and profile photo , that you would be able to choose a profile song , That’s it. Navigating of this is not instinctive, so you’ll want the tutorial for starters the 1st time you logged in.

New Myspace present a totally distinctive experience than you get on others social sites . It Is now extra welcoming to exploration compared to Fb, rather more concerned than Tumblr, and much more emphatic compared to Google+.

It’s obviously a chief transfer up from previous Myspace, and its music-streaming functionality create competition with different Web like Grooveshark. Additionally It’ll problem every other band website hosting and in addition music submission web pages like Bandcamp.

Viewing as content discovery perspective, New Myspace has actual capabilty . Movies alson with images sparkle on this, and the all mixes property is unavailable at another web site.

Now let see whether New Myspace will exceed Fb, however actually it isn’t the fitting query as two internet sites goals the dunique purposes and totally different targeted audiences.




13 Comments to “New Myspace: Start of new era For Myspace!”

  1. Spider Pc // April 20, 2013 at 10:59 // Reply

    i’m in a ska band (www.myspace.com/midgetska) and i knew this before, but it’s becoming clearer that ska is starting to emerge from the underground. i just want to know opinions on ska and why you feel that way. (for all you haters out there, just remember where gwen stefani came from…that’s right, a ska band (No Doubt in its early days, Tragic Kingdom and the self titled album before that.))

  2. Also, their ages? Thanks!

  3. There have been huge additions to every day life including phones, tablets and social media.

    The popularity is a fad. Facebook and twitter are still sort of in their honeymoon phase, but very soon people will start becoming fatigued by them.

    Smartphone and tablet technology are peaking. Very soon, new models will be nearly identical to their predecessors. They are maxing out screen size and performance. 2013 models will be nearly the same as 2014 models when your phone isn’t even using 5% of the max performance of your device.

    If you aren’t tired of Facebook or twitter yet, wait until 2013 and if you still aren’t by them wait until 2014 but by 2015 90-95% of people will.

    So Facebook and twitter in 2015? Old news.
    Smartphones and tablets in 2015? The same as 2013.


    Not a single person waiting in line before a iPhone launch.


  4. What do you think of people doing this. Posting and paying for an ad on myspace and you put the Myspace logo on it. How good of a chance do you think someone could get caught from doing this?

    A friend of mine did this and he did not get caught or anything.

  5. I just found out today, that’s pretty amazing, I think.

    Their official website seems to be down right now, but wow.
    haha, I had a feeling you’d be the first to respond to this Armageddon

  6. Courtney // May 26, 2013 at 20:42 // Reply

    I’m doing a presentation on Amelia Earhart and I want to know how she was an inspiration to women back in the 20s and 30s.


  7. Matthew David // May 27, 2013 at 02:42 // Reply

    Your thoughts on that. This is message below is from her myspace blog ,

    Hey MySpacers!

    It’s been announced on WWE. com, so I guess I should address it. This Friday’s Smackdown is my last match with WWE. I started with the company in 2000. I have had so many once in a lifetime experiences. It’s been incredible. I was part of an era in Women’s Professional Wrestling that will never be duplicated again.

    Choosing to leave was a very difficult decision. I think many of my colleagues considered me a “lifer”. That is, they thought I’d be with WWE until I was old and grey. But I was not happy with the oppurtunities that were available to me within WWE. And at the end of the day, there are thousands and thousands of women who would kill or die for the chance to be a WWE Diva. It isn’t right for me to fill that spot if my heart weren’t in it.

    And I didn’t make a rash decision to walk away. On many occasions I pushed for the Victoria that I’d want to watch. But we were on different pages. I respect their decisions, and they are their decisions to make. Being with WWE is very time consuming. And again, with where we were at, I would rather spend more time at home.

    I am a “lifer” though. That may not be WWE for life (although I will always be a fan). But I will always challenge myself. I am a competitor. As you can see from one of the pics in my photo gallery, I’ve been training in Jiu Jitsu. I started for the conditioning, but I have really excelled. It has crossed my mind to enter MMA. I’ve also been learning to DJ. I love music, and this girl has been getting her mix on. Of course I have the custom car shop, Black Widow Customs. And I haven’t ruled out the idea of jumping back in the squared circle occasionally down the road.

    I am just so thankful for the experiences that I have had with WWE, for the great friends that I have made with WWE, and the best fans in the world that I have encountered because of WWE.

    So what am I doing first? I’m on vacation! I’m not going to say where I am, but it’s warm, and I can look out the window and see palm trees, and I’ll be here for a couple weeks. I have been getting bombarded with requests for interviews and appearances. As for appearances, you can contact me through MySpace for now. When I decide what direction I intend to take, I will acquire appropriate representation, and will pass info along to them.

    As for interview requests, several people have emailed me regarding “shoot interviews”. I would like to say this. I am a fan of the Willy Wonka movie. I won a golden ticket. I was in Willy Wonka’s Magical Chocolate Factory for nine years. If you’re looking for an Everlasting Gobstopper, don’t waste your time asking. It’s not for sale.

    Finally, I want to thank all my MySpace Friends for your encouragement. I truly feel that we are friends, and I appreciate your support. I will keep blogging, and hope you all keep in touch.

    Later Sweet Potaters, Lisa Marie aka Victoria : )

  8. Benihana // May 28, 2013 at 03:32 // Reply

    You know how she wears those sparkly hats where on earth does she get them they are sooo cool i got to get one please help me find one!!PLEASE!!!

    Thank you sooo much and if you can get me some links that would be great

  9. JDOGG1122 // May 31, 2013 at 19:05 // Reply

    Recently, I hide the myspace player from my timeline.
    Now I want to make that appear on my profile.
    Can anyone tell me how I can unhide it.

  10. Rishabh Bajpai // June 3, 2013 at 12:29 // Reply

    It’s just making the begining noise of the album not all of the album

    is this a sign perhaps? is the black parade finally dead? Are they trying to start over again?
    It’s so mysterious!!! we must figure it out! and no, it is not just a glitch


    P.S. anyone who goes to frank-iero.net whats the big surprise cody isnt gonna tell us til its official?? is it a dvd or something?

  11. Like era and style.
    and can somebody possibly link me with the answer.
    I need a link, I’m very curious about the scene ‘clique’.

    please and thanks.

  12. easton j // June 8, 2013 at 06:18 // Reply

    i want to know codes for: Eras Demi ITC font, Britannic Bold font, and Century Gothic font.
    and it would also be nice if you could tell me how to center it & make the text actually enter down.. even though i have entered down on my “edit about me” section, it didn’t skip a line.

  13. forahobby // June 8, 2013 at 19:54 // Reply

    You know like where do screamo bands today like UnderOath or Silverstein get their influences and music bases?

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