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Now, Google to come up with smartwatch!

Now, Google to come up with smartwatch!

In Keeping With a record, Google has also jumped on the SmartWatch educate. Unlike Google Glass, which is developed in Google’s X-Lab, the Good clock will have to be configured in an instant Within The Android department.

Google’s patented Android Good Watch in 2012

Google’s Android Good Watch just isn’t at the side of the Samsung Crew. The file additionally linked the brand new rumor with a patent software which Google utilized for in 2011 and was once approved in Oct 2012 . In The 2012’s patent, a SmartWatch is described which includes bracelet, processor and radio chip and touch display, and may also be connected to a wireless network in order to change data, for instance with a smartphone. It Seems That, the SmartWatch will have to also be used with out connection to the smartphone.

The patent says that the clock also incorporates a 2d hinged display, a “tangible person interface” and a constructed-in camera – presumably for video chats. The second display could also act as a viewfinder for the digicam, in addition to augmented truth features like Google Glass could be possible. In such an Android clock could also accommodate functions which are already utilized in Current smartphones with Android 4.1.

Good Watches appear to be common for the time being – as is normally the topic of “Wearable Technology”. There are already a couple of Good Watches out there – Sony SmartWatch, I’m Watch and Pebble are most certainly three of the simpler known, and the market continues to grow. At The Moment, in addition to the Google SmartWatch there are circulating rumors of Apple iWatch – Samsung has already established  that they’re working on this type of product.




4 Comments to “Now, Google to come up with smartwatch!”

  1. isk8at818 // May 23, 2013 at 17:03 // Reply

    also, does google has servers in which we can pay to host our site? what about Google earth?

  2. superdork // May 28, 2013 at 01:09 // Reply

    I really like using google, but every time I shut down, even though I change the default, and even remove the option of Yahoo!, I still end up getting yahoo search defaulted the next time I go onto google chrome. Please help?

  3. balinderk2000 // May 31, 2013 at 08:42 // Reply

    On Google Chrome, when I search stuff in the search/ web address bar it goes to dts search instead of Google for some reason. I want Google back! I don’t like dts and don’t know why its become the default search engine.

  4. whitesoxfan2347 // June 7, 2013 at 09:13 // Reply

    How do you add google adsense text links to your youtube video page? I understand the google video units are just attached to the video itself, but how can you add the actual google text links to the page also?

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