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Now, iphone case that can hold your coffee while you text!

Now, iphone case that can hold your coffee while you text!

A New iPhone case has been made that incorporates a espresso cup holder, and makers of the unique casing consider that it is going to be a roaring success.

Then Again, others suppose that it usually is an accident ready to occur.

Known As UpperCup, the tool permits on-the-go Apple addicts to textual content while precariously balancing a cup of hot liquid inches from their dear Phone, the Day-to-day Mail suggested.

Now, iphone case that can hold your coffee while you text!

Now, iphone case that may cling your espresso when you text

The Uppercup Phone holder slips around a scorching takeaway cup enabling two passed texting whereas nursing the drink.

It’s The brainchild of Amsterdam-primarily based design agency Natwerk, which hopes to raise 15,000 kilos in order that they are able to get the holder into production with a retail-worth of 21 kilos.

Spokesman Kristian van Kuijk said: “We concept It Could truly be handy especially for those that text, Twitter or Facebook loads while ingesting espresso.”

It wouldn’t work if you happen to use your Telephone for calling, however you won’t be wanting two arms then either, van Kuijk mentioned.




8 Comments to “Now, iphone case that can hold your coffee while you text!”

  1. Splash Log Level 2 Again // April 21, 2013 at 07:06 // Reply

    Hi, I pressed the button on my lap top which opens the DC sized coffee cup holder, I stuck my small latte in, and then it’s closed and the coffee has gone everywhere … it’s broken now

    what can I do? take it back to the shop?

  2. Andrew S // May 22, 2013 at 11:12 // Reply

    Why does the cup holder on my hardware drive keep breaking whenever i put a cup of coke on it?


  3. My cousin(who buys and sells cars) got me a 1983 BMW 633csi for my birthday. I really love it and it’s a really fun car(besides paying for gas) but there arent any cup holders. I need cup holders for my beverage needs and I can’t hold cups while driving a stick shift. Are there any attachments or something for my car? Or maybe tips on how to make a cup holder?


  4. andresumoza // May 29, 2013 at 06:04 // Reply

    My sister has one of those cup holder consoles that can store cds and stuff that you can buy at walmart for your car. What can she use to keep the holder in place on the carpet of the car?

  5. I bent the middle seat and the cup holder’s foam thing broke off where can I take it to fix it?

  6. This info is needed for a product that is in development that will fit into cup holders. Your input is greatly appreciated.

  7. everydayGuitarist // June 7, 2013 at 20:48 // Reply

    I’m having a tiny issue here, not too important. However, it’d be incredibly helpful for anyone to give me a possible solution. The cup holders in my car are pretty deep, so anything short with an open lid (Rita’s Italian ice or Dairy Queen) gets on the cup holders. Is there a product or a way I can prevent this? I have a 2001 PT Cruiser if it helps. Thanks for your time!

  8. Gundown64 // June 9, 2013 at 07:09 // Reply

    My little thingy that holds the cup from moving side to side has slid under the lid that allows the cup holder to open and close. So.. the little thingy is making the lid not open fully. I have no idea how to fix this. I know if you’re going to tell me I have to go to a professional person to repair it but that’s going to take time and money. If you know how to help me that would be GREAT, thanks.

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