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Now send message to Facebook CEO for $100

Now send message to Facebook CEO for $100

Famous social networking site now providing you with the ability to ship a message to immediately at the inbox of Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg , however for this it’s important to need to pay.

This web site means that you can send the message to Fb founder Zukerberg and another memebers in simply $A Hundred.

The Quantity is just part of to testify through a gadget developed by Fb for the purpose of each earn some earnings and also reduce spam.

It used to be in the past introduced in Dec, with $ 1 costs for a message to ship at Fb founder Zukerberg inbox who’s even now not in the good friend list.

Now to contact VIPs with numerous of followers who are not in the chums, also contains Facebook founder Zuckberg, and Facebook individuals get all for test, that is presently simplest running in the United States, maintain a charge of One Hundred greenbacks.

The VIPs which can be in take a look at will get only one message from the unfamiliar particular person for his or her major mailbox every week, the report mentioned.

Fb hasn’t mentioned the choice of public figures are collaborating or when they have got been been well informed, but mentioned it had set a restrict of amount of followers to decide on who’re to be integrated, the record .




11 Comments to “Now send message to Facebook CEO for $100”

  1. maskills24 // April 21, 2013 at 18:34 // Reply

    I have been getting a message from alot of my friends on facebook saying that facebook has become overpopulated and if you don’t forward the message to at least 15 people your account will be deleted and it was written by the founder of facebook (Mark Zuckerberg). Is this a hoax? Can they really do this? Should I forward the message or not? Please help!!

  2. _marky_mark_ // April 22, 2013 at 14:47 // Reply

    I want to send my Facebook statuses to twitter but not the other way around. That is, I do not want my tweets going to my Facebook account but I want my Facebook statuses going to my twitter. Any help? Thanks.

  3. I’ve heard a lot about LGN Revolution recently and wonder if it’s a scam. Does anyone know anything about it?

  4. Gundown64 // April 25, 2013 at 23:21 // Reply

    How does Facebook have our data across a whole network of servers? How is MySQL and PHP integrated?

  5. Arminator // May 22, 2013 at 12:37 // Reply

    My facebook isn’t in my twitter connections, I already tried that.

  6. Facebook sends me an email notice whenever any of my Facebook friends has a birthday. I would rather not receive notices sent through my personal email from Facebook when any of my Facebook friends has a birthday. Where exactly do I go on my Facebook account to change something so that Facebook will stop sending me email notices on my friends’ birthdays?

  7. Jeanelle the Retard // May 29, 2013 at 06:04 // Reply

    There are many facebook users who do not like the new profile and are not able to get rid of it. This seems to be a good way for facebook to lose a lot of users. I mean if there are those who like this profile, good for them. I just think its retarded there’s no choice to get rid of it after activating it. This just extremely pisses me off.

  8. I have a friend on facebook that doesn’t have very much friends on facebook,and she asked me to help her out.Can someone tell me step-by-step how to become facebook famous without adding people?

  9. Only Business // June 1, 2013 at 15:05 // Reply

    Lately Facebook has been sending every single message from IM chat on Facebook to my Facebook e-mail. Its hogging up my messages folder and I don’t know how to change the settings in that. How do I stop this? Is this something new? Facebook is changing and I cant even delete all messages at once anymore and I want to figure out how to stop receiving im messages to my messages.
    How can I do that? What settings do I change?

  10. Ok, I’ve seen several new groups and/or pages talking about Facebook charging money to use it next month.
    Is this true?
    Why are they doing this?
    Why haven’t I gotten anything official from the Facebook people saying this?

  11. I just read some things about Facebook charging money to use it! Is this true, or just a scam?

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