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Online Violence Against Women Increasing in India

Online Violence Against Women Increasing in India

Secretary of the All India Revolutionary Women’s Affiliation named Kavita Krishnan has been abused and threatened with rape in a chat made on net which was mainly organized by means of a portal in Delhi in late April for discussing anti-rape protests.

An Individual made a post relating to Kavita pronouncing to inform the entire Ladies to not wear revealing garments and they’ll stop rape and he further stated, kavita inform me the place should I come and rape you carrying a condom.

Find Out About accomplished with the aid of Internet Democracy Project (IDP) says that such more or less threats coming from net portals are standard Circumstances of violence made Against Women Online. The initial file says that a lady having On-line presence is as insecure as she is while walking in the streets. Ultimate record of the exploratory Study is yet to come back.

Anja Kovacs, director of IDP in India says that threats are used as a weapon to make Ladies quiet in India. Cases of Online abuse are Increasing day-to-day in India. In India Fifty Three% working and 55% non- working Ladies use social media.

The Learn About made by using IDP printed that women get scornful comments on social Medias like bitch, whore, terrorist etc. and they are exploited and burdened in a few ways.

One Facebook person received a message announcing “Oh, but you’re a woman; you do not take into account this” and “Go Back to playing with your dolls”.

Anja further reveals the fact that males are additionally abused Online along-with Women however there’s distinction in the way and the content material of abuse. Women are abused as comments are about their physique, sexualisation, swear phrases. And the boys are abused as additionally they receive abusing statements concerning the Girls of their lives like their mom, sister or wife.

Debarati Halder, suggest and MD of Centre for Cyber Victim Counselling in Tirunelveli says that fighting Against On-line harassment can be a tough process in India because most of Indian Women don’t record Towards such Instances and remain quiet or simply ignore it.

On The similar time, there are fears that Internet rules Against harassment Instances may prevent the freedom of speech.

Law on my own would no longer be adequate to avoid wasting Ladies from such issues. Girls wish to be extra privy to their rights and should dare to come forward to battle for their rights.




6 Comments to “Online Violence Against Women Increasing in India”

  1. Death Knight // May 26, 2013 at 03:06 // Reply

    What are the definitions of sexually abused?

    What are the sysptems of sexually abused?

    Had sex with someone you dont really like is that self abuse?

  2. I’ve always assumed that people who go to the hospital after a suicide attempt is harassed and abused by nurses and doctors.

  3. Say I discovered someone I knew had been sexually abused as a child. What signs shall I be sighting for?
    I mean how can I observe the difference from other people’s personality?

  4. I’m doing a paper on what issues people face as adults that have been abused. This is one of my mant subtittles, so if you know any other problems the abused face please let me know thanks.
    I meant ‘many subtittles” and all I mean by that is there are many other things im writting about in this topic. I know this topi SUCKS and I know what the “answers” are i just need some more peoples opinions. I was as well abused as a child

  5. I was physically abused by my high school sweetheart in 1998. Unfortunately I think about those past instances every day. It’s definately something hard to get over. Is there anyway i can move on with out going to a “shrink”?

  6. morbiusdog // June 7, 2013 at 14:33 // Reply

    My friend survived prlong abuse / neglect at a very young age.

    As a result, she developed a lying problem (maybe to avoid bering hurt more by her mother).

    As an adult, she literally cannot stop lying, and she ends up hurting herself by sabotaging relationships.

    If it’s hurting her so much, why does she keep doing it? She isn’t being abused anymore, obviously.

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