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Only 18 percent CEOs use Social sites!

Only 18 percent CEOs use Social sites!

Social websites like Twitter and Fb may be achieving finish users at a rapid %, however now a group feels hesitant about being a part of these social sites and that is CEOs.

It has been seen that Best 18 % of the CEOs from the world’s topmost 50 biggest companies on the root of incomes have social websites accounts, repaort given on tuesday Via Weber Shandwick , international pr agency . By Means Of evaluating , the company suggested a same learn about in yr 2010 and published that 16 percent of the topmost CEOs had one or more social site account, which presentations now not so many adjustments from the prior Three years.

The Main problem is to take care of the account which is fairly time ingesting , according to the Chris Perry, firms president of digital al;so said that itb has the hazards of upadting the profile for CEOs as could to be considered.

Undoubtedly, the record found that one social site Twitter — has misplaced some individuals of elite CEO staff . In Between 2010 and present yr, the average proportion of the topmost 50 CEOs on web page Facebook develop up from Four % to 10 percent then again on Twitter it dropped from Eight p.c to 2 p.c.

There Is A noticable level on this is GE’s CEO , Jeff Immelt signed on Twitter in Sept and has additionally tweeted many times from joning.

Even Though the topmost CEOs do not have bills on social web sites, they maintain ther presence at socially on-line at behalf of the corporation . Weber Shandwick suggested thar 66 p.c of the CEOs are remained online via their biographies and in addition movies on supplier web sites and likewise videos that’s shared on website YouTube.





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  1. I’ve been offered a new job but they have an existing CEO in place (who is very sick and won’t be let go due to his health situation). They offered me a President title. Normally this is the same role but any advise how this could work?

  2. Cupcakerum // May 23, 2013 at 23:42 // Reply

    Do the board of directors run the corporation is it the CEO? Also, do the board members vote for the person who will be the CEO?

  3. Applied for a Job I found online. Smart PR Agency PR assistant in Lansing, MI. Great description and I would love to work for them. But looking through the website and other information I can’t find anyone who knows of the office in Lansing. nor can I find a phone number to call. They sent me an email saying this.

    Smart PR Agency received your letter of (27/01/2010) and enclosed documents.
    We have carefully examined information provided by you in your CV, and after consulting with our HR department, we consider you to be a suitable candidate for filling in vacant position of PR agent assistant in our company.
    We are glad that you are interested in this opening, application procedure will be conducted via e-mail, and this shall minimize mail related delays.
    First of all, please follow this link two our web-site http://www.smartpragency.com and download a legal copy of the contract from (website they listed for me). Print this document out, make one copy and sign it. (Please read it carefully and familiarize yourself with the whole contract and sign it only in case if you totally agree to it). Then sign the e-version of the agreement and send it to careers@smartpragency.com
    The contract becomes valid from the moment of the reception of the correctly filled copy of the contract. It should be noted that the validity of the contract in the electronic form is identical to the contract signed in personal presence of both parties.
    In order to prevent abusive and fraudulent registrations in our system, we ask you to make an electronic copy of your ID, driving license or any other legal document that may verify your identity (any utility bill will do, if your domicile is mentioned there) and send it attached with the same e-mail or fax it to (347) 273-1096.
    You will receive additional detailed information after your forwarded contract and id(s) are examined and verified by our attorneys.
    Yours faithfully,

    leaving the name blank…

    does this seem a little weird to anyone else?
    Ashley, Looks like its defiantly some kind of scam or something. I couldn’t find any sort of information on it besides the website. Sounded amazing, great job but I am afraid it all lies.

    kinda makes me sad, did you just graduate in PR also?

  4. Right now I’m applying for a management internship at some retail stores and I’m 24. After I graduate next year with a bachelors degree in science (a bit unrelated) I was planning on getting some more management experience and then going for an MBA. Is this a good start?

    Can anyone give me some serious advice so I don’t start down the wrong path and can never find my way to being a CEO? because that’s where I ultimately want to be.

  5. The CEO of a Standard & Poor’s 500 company made on average $14.78 million in total compensation in 2006, according to a preliminary analysis by The Corporate Library. When the average worker is making less than 50,000 dollars, is this good for the employee’s morale?

  6. I am 100% Non-Asian, but I would like to open up a company such as YG, JYP, SM, Cube? And be the CEO??? I’m planning to audition, but I still find the company’s highly interesting, and I wouldn’t want to do it in the US, because it seems the whole system is different, and I find the Korean Entertainment system highly interesting. So is it possible? Any thoughts? Opinions? Facts? And yes I’m interested in opening an entertainment company in Korean for Asian Talents.

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