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Pope Francis Lets The F-Bombs Fly As He Accidentally Swears In His Morning Blessings At The Vatican! Oops!


Holy shiz! Literally!!

Pope Francis stunned the world these days by way of Unintentionally swearing in front of hundreds on the Vatican!


Reportedly, the Pope was giving his daily Blessings when he let the f-bomb fly freely!

Francis used to be supposed to claim the Italian phrase “caso” (which means that example/case) when he slipped up and said “cazzo” which It Seems That method f*ck in Italian!

Discuss a major mixup! Terrible guy!

However, the error will not be a brand new one!

It Seems That the slip is standard for non-native Italian audio system and seeing as how Pope Francis’ first language is Spanish, the error is pretty much excused!

However It would not make it any much less HIGHlarious!

Talk About one of the best Pope ever!!!

[Picture by way of WENN.]





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