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11 Comments to “Pope Francis not a social media maven”

  1. Vikas Saxena // March 21, 2013 at 09:57 // Reply

    Pope needs to star using twitter and social media medium as soon as possible , if he wants to connect to youths

  2. Although Pope
    Francis is socially conservative pertaining to Gay right for example He is a great advocate for the poor.
    Will Republican Conservative Business Men /CE OS / Bankers and right wing religious organizations double down and become twice as ruthless to the poor as a counter to Pope Francis humanitarian philosophy ?

    I am not Catholic BTW But I like this Pope and can accept that we may not agree on every thing . I see him as a true follower of Christs teaching .
    In fact if it were not for issues of Gay rights and woman’s rights I have considered converting to the Catholic faith.
    There is Nothing in the Bible that says anything about abortion . In fact the Bible states that Adam did NOT become a living soul until He took his first Breath.
    If there is a Biblical Reference about abortion – please do tell
    Nature aborts all the time . And Nature could be considered the mechanics that God set up for life.
    A woman has always had a right to bare a child or not .
    It is her body not yours .

  3. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/mar/15/pope-francis-falklands-david-cameron

    Less than 48 hours into the world’s first Latin American papacy, David Cameron took issue in public with Pope Francis on Friday, quipping that the “white smoke over the Falklands was pretty clear” and dismissing the pontiff’s explicit claims backing Argentinian ownership of the South Atlantic islands.

    As archbishop of Buenos Aires, the new pope had frequently laid claim to Argentinian dominion over the Falklands, describing them as part of Argentina’s homeland. He had presided over religious ceremonies commemorating his countrymen’s servicemen who died in the 1982 war following the junta’s invasion of the islands.

    “I don’t agree with him, respectfully, obviously,” Cameron said when asked about Pope Francis’s views on the Falklands.

    In a referendum last week in the Falklands a total of three voted not to remain under the British, the tiniest minority among more than 1,500 who said the islands should remain a Crown overseas territory.

    “There was a pretty extraordinarily clear referendum in the Falkland Islands,” said the prime minister, “and I think that is a message to everyone in the world that the people of these islands have chosen very clearly the future they want and that choice should be respected by everyone.”

    On the 30th anniversary of the war last year at a mass in Buenos Aires, the archbishop had said that the Argentinian forces who died following the invasion “went out to defend their mother, the homeland, to reclaim what is theirs”. He described the British re-conquest under the Thatcher government as “usurpation”.

  4. Harriet W // April 24, 2013 at 22:50 // Reply

    I like indie stuff, punk(like misfits or the ramones or the sex pistols.), punk/pop/rock like Mayday Parade, Marianas Trench, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus etc. And then singers like Ron Pope, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, James Vincent McMorrow, Bon Iver, Ray LaMontagne, etc. I also like(I think its considered electronic) James Blake. I like some pop, but not much.(Any after 2005 I probably won’t like)
    Can you wonderfully lovely people recommend any good bands or singers? 🙂

  5. Not since Paul VI have any popes been crowned with the Papal Tiara. Will His Holiness revive this custom?
    Dart, you should be tending your Peace Lily. It surely must have bursted through the roof by now.

  6. Xbox360king // May 23, 2013 at 14:45 // Reply

    also, what style/movement would you consider Francis Bacon to be? thanks.

  7. MATHEWS: So your solution to poverty is to change the nature of politics?

    BERGOGLIO: Please feel free to broadcast this; I don’t want to be pope. Friend, you are a socialist and your friends are socialists. And you are the reason for 70 years of misery in Russia and Europe now is seizing in pain from your policies. You believe in the redistribution of wealth and it makes entire populations poor. You want to nationalize everything and bring every human endeavor under your control. You destroy a man’s incentive to take care of his very own family, a crime against nature and nature’s God. You want social control over populations and incrementally you are making everything against the law. Together this ideology creates more poverty today than all the corporations you vilify have in the history of man.

    MATHEWS: I’ve never heard such from a Cardinal. I’m not sure if you are here to help yourself or disqualify yourself.

    BERGOGLIO: Please air this interview. People being dominated by socialists need to know we don’t all have to be poor. Some poverty is part of our being cast out of the Garden of Eden. But look at the empire of dependency created by Hugo Chavez. Promising them, tricking them into worship of government and his very own person. Giving them fish but not allowing them to fish. If a fisherman does develop a talent today in Latin America ; he is castigated and his catch stolen by the socialists. He stops?

    MATHEWS: You would be the first pope from the Americas .

    BERGOGLIO: He stops fishing. I will not be pope, but yes I am from Argentina .

  8. Can someone Help me come up with a thesis comparing and cotrasting Pope Benedict and Pope Francis and how their History or (family background, education, etc.) helped effect who they are today. Like for example: Because Pope Benedict was born during Nazi and as part of the Hitler youth he is more conservative than Pope Francis who was born in a Latin country, allowing him to be more liberal. I want this thesis to help me not only compare their family history but also to help explain why their views on certain things are (like islam or buddhism, Judaism etc.) Why they got certain anti-pope reactions or why they are close or not close to their people.

    PLease try to give me an answer as SOON as possible 🙂 THank youu

  9. Or Cesare Borgia a Pope, when he was a murderer? Isn’t something wrong in the way we see things? Shouldn’t we take a closer look who’s what and regarding Who the person is?
    Have the 10 Commandments changed in Principle? They will stand forever.

  10. Thomas A // May 30, 2013 at 11:40 // Reply

    Jesus Krist! There were no oxens or asses around Jesus and he wasn’t even born 2012 years ago!

    I think the Pope is ready to close shop like Gorbachev did with the dismantling of the Soviet Union. These are just the first steps. He must be thinking is we cannot beat the critics of the Church we better join them.
    Go Pope go!
    Lady, there a perverts everywhere they even have pride parades
    Lady, there a perverts everywhere they even have pride parades

  11. The Dark Knight // June 3, 2013 at 13:20 // Reply

    Pope had indicated earlier atheists may go to heaven depending on their deeds. Vatican has turned on the Pope himself, the Vatican spokesman now says pope is wrong, atheists still going to hell. I ask is Pope not the final authority for the Billions of Catholics, can Vatican contradict the Pope’s words. Should the spokesman should be fired.

    Refuting Pope Francis’ statements last week that those who “do good” will go to heaven, regardless of faith or lack thereof, the Rev. Thomas Rosica, a Vatican spokesman, has corrected his boss, saying those who know about the Catholic Church “cannot be saved” if they “refuse to enter her or remain in her.” So that’s pretty clear, we guess.

    There’s only one way to settle this: Thunderdome. Two high-ranking church officials enter; one high-ranking church official leaves.

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