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Rescued squirrel becomes beloved (and photogenic) family member

Rescued squirrel becomes beloved (and photogenic) family member


When Typhoon Isaac swept thru Louisiana in 2012, one child squirrel used to be knocked out of her nest and into a brand new lifestyles.

Jill the squirrel was rescued all the way through the Storm and nursed again to health By Using a friendly human. Now Jill lives a home life with her human, a canine and a black cat. And, thankfully for the Web, she’s just about an knowledgeable at posing for photographs.

Jill is so photogenic that she even has her personal Instagram account, with almost 30,000 followers. Her profile describes her as a “vegetarian, parkour expert whose best fear is the vacuum. However, she loves each Starbucks napkin she meets.”

Thank You, Jill, for being the quirky squirrel that the Web needs. Your love of Starbucks will fit in neatly here.

“Tut tut! Seems Like rain!”

“We both love birdseed.”

“No squirrel here. Just an innocent pet!”

“Squirrels will also be patriotic, too!”

“Every So Often, after an extended day of squirreling, you Simply need a belly rub.”

“The window is better than television.”

“Bottom Line: It Is onerous being an adorable squirrel.”

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