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Residents of J&K Taking Route of Twitter For Complaining About Power-Cuts

Residents of J&K Taking Route of Twitter For Complaining About Power-Cuts

Voters of Kashmir valley who are dealing with worst of the power-cuts have now began expressing their burgeoning anger in opposition to Chief Minister Omar Abdullah via social networking web sites.

Idrees-ul-Haq, one resident wrote on the twitter web page of Abdullah – Expensive @abdullah_omar, as that you must now not be certain the continuity of Power provide in Kashmir; simply make studying#Braille obligatory.

Residents of Kashmir had been going through worst Power cuts from closing month and there’s no listening to for that. They Bitch that they get electricity just for two hours and after that, again there is a Power Lower for more than one hour.

That Is the destiny of city and the location of rural areas is even worst. Rural areas are devoid of electrical energy for a few hours.

Many Individuals have expressed their anger on twitter over the continuous interruption in Energy supply.

Arif Maghribi, one resident wrote on Abdullah’s twitter page – Thanks loads for giving my family an opportunity of having candle mild dinner again. We deserve this reward as a result of we are paying our bills on time and now not stealing electrical energy.

Mohammad Faysal, Any Other Resident wrote – “Dear @abdullah_omar, Try To wash your clothes in the cold water in mornings and nights or having dinner in darkish. But then you’re who you are!”

Omar Abdullah is an active person of social networking website and ceaselessly makes comments on important concerns But so far no response has come from his side.

On The related time no professional member of PDD came forward to touch upon the ability situation.




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  2. Don you think Afzal Guru & Ajmal Kasab have a lot in common with Osama Bin Laden , who is the UPA Government protecting both these mass murderers, who have killed Hindus in such large numbers ?

    Why is it that no Islamic Terrorists has ever been arrested for Terrorism within UPA regime ?

  3. That supposes they held a technological advantage over humans.

  4. evil chevy // April 25, 2013 at 23:29 // Reply

    is it true that hazarat Umar asked for all the hadiths to be burned?
    i heard this from a reliable source but is it actually true?
    he said it was because Umar said that this was wrong and what would ruin islam in the end?!?!?
    P.s im talking about the second Caliph Umar

  5. he looks kind of white and when i inquired about him with an indian friend she told me that he was from afghanistan

  6. My grandmothers last name is Sadallah.. Is this possible that the family was once Muslim? I also heard that one of the people were named Abdullah ( slave of God )any help?

  7. wwwavid360gamercom // June 2, 2013 at 15:04 // Reply

    what you say about omar’s decision to ask geelani to appeal to people to stop violence.

    he has given a paki supporter center stage. why these leaders do such kind of stupidity?

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