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Samsung’s Galaxy S4 will be able to assess the health of its users

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 will be able to assess the health of its users

The Samsung may be betting on the interaction between know-how and well being for your new Galaxy S4 , that allows you to be presented by the company on the 14th of March 2013 . Consistent With the Korean site Daum , the new top online unit of the corporate will be capable of acquire data about the bodily situation of the person with the help of accessories in an effort to be interconnected.

It Isn’t the first time that the Korean firm joins cell expertise and health in certainly one of its gadgets. The Galaxy S3, big hit of 2012, has an app that enables smartphone integration with gauges force and glucose ranges. The performance, then again, was once constrained to the version of the device in some international locations.

Consistent With Daum , alternatively, all versions of Galaxy S4 will have this clinical perform, and equipment for measuring the well being of the consumer would be provided on the market with the movbile telephone. The source additionally says that there might be an enormous distinction common.

It Is expected that the identical concept of integration between mobile units and expertise is also found in Altius, the smart watch that’s being developed by using the corporate to compete with the Apple’s




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  1. I live in South Korea and I have heard that many Americans are more willing to consider driving a Hyundai than they were ten years ago. Do any other Korean products/companies make an impression on you (even if you aren’t an American!)???

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    Does anyone read Korean, or have any experience with this Korean company? Thanks so much in advance!

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  4. I’ve been thinking of buying a Hyundai for a while. But the toyota, and Honda look pretty good.(and I am talking about sedans) so which make better sedans, the Korean company Hyundai, or the Japanese companies, Toyota and Honda

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