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Shakespeare Meets Top 40 Music in ‘Pop Sonnets’

Shakespeare Meets Top 40 Music in ‘Pop Sonnets’

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Picture: Flickr, Nic McPhee

William Shakespeare, meet 2014 pop Music.

That Is The premise behind Music Tumblr Pop Sonnets from blogger Erik Didricksen. Didriksen channels Shakespeare’s eloquence By rewriting up to date day pop Track, hanging an English Renaissance twist on some of your favourite summer jams.

The Bard of Avon himself can be proud as a simple hook like Ariana Grande’s “I got one less downside without you” becomes something as eloquent as “Too fanciful to research, will have to we phase/the weight of problems’d elevate off my heart.”

Beneath are some of our favourite of Didricksen’s rewrites. You Could check up on extra Pop Sonnets on Tumblr.

  1. Lorde
  2. Taylor-swift
  3. Arianagrande
  4. Beyonce

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