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Snap! ‘Selfie’ becomes International Word of the Year

Snap! ‘Selfie’ becomes International Word of the Year

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When You posted selfies on Fb, Instagram or Twitter this prior Year, you helped make “selfie” the Oxford Dictionaries’ International Phrase of the Year for 2013.

Selfie, this means that a photo taken of oneself, regularly with a smartphone, and posted on a social community, was once called out this Yr on account of its sheer recognition.

“The Usage Of the Oxford Dictionaries language research software, which collects around A Hundred And Fifty million words of current English in use each month, we can see a fantastic upward pattern in the usage of selfie in 2013, and this helped to cement its choice as Phrase of the 12 Months,” mentioned Judy Pearsall, editorial director for Oxford Dictionaries, in a statement.


In Reality, a learn about conducted by means of editors at Oxford Dictionaries showed that the frequency of the Word “selfie” within the English language increased 17,000% in view that this time in 2012.

“Selfie can Actually be traced back to 2002 when it used to be utilized in an Australian online forum,” Oxford Dictionaries cited in a blog .

Consistent With the dictionaries’ editors, this was the primary identified usage of the Phrase selfie, “Um, drunk at a mates 21st, I tripped ofer [sic] and landed lip first (with entrance teeth coming an awfully shut 2d) on a set of steps. I had a hole about 1cm long all through my backside lip. And sorry about the focus, it was once a selfie.”

The Phrase gained momentum right through the English-talking world in 2013, evolving from a social media buzzword to mainstream shorthand.

Dictionary editors Additionally noted that the recognition of the Word “selfie” will also be viewed in the choice of “spin-off phrases” that have cropped up. As An Example, a helfie is an image of 1’s hair and a belfie is an image of 1’s posterior.

And a welfie is a exercise selfie, whereas a drelfie is a drunken selfie.

Different contenders for the Global Word of the 12 Months included bitcoin, a digital currency, and showrooming, meaning to talk over with a store to peer a product prior to shopping for it on-line at a cheaper price.

Additionally making the brief record had been twerk, this means that to bounce provocatively in a low, squatting position, along with binge-watch, because of this to watch a couple of episodes again to back of a tv program; and schmeat, a derogatory time period for synthetically produced meat from organic tissue.

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