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Social Advocacy & Politics: Drunk Dial Congress and Yell at Them for the Shutdown

Social Advocacy & Politics: Drunk Dial Congress and Yell at Them for the Shutdown


Are you pissed off about the executive shutdown? Did you or a member of the family get furloughed? Are your disability or Social Safety checks in danger? Would you prefer to get Drunk and yell at Congress?

Smartly, now which you can.

DrunkDialCongress.org is a new web marketing campaign that gives you a whole lot of speaking points about why the shutdown pisses you off and a device so as to join you with a random Member of Congress By Means Of cellphone to yell at. They suggest that you’ve got a couple drinks sooner than you name; even providing recipes for some acceptable cocktails. What’s your pleasure? The Southern Congressman? the fancy Statesman or the Bad Representative? If You Want To get really offended Drunk, try the Bloody Bastard.

Created By Revolution Messaging, a innovative cellular campaign technique agency founded By Way Of Scott Goodstein, creator/manager of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential cell and social media technique, the idea DrunkDialCongress.org was once born from stories that lawmakers were celebrating their votes to close down the federal government Through getting plastered on the taxpayers’ dime.

ImageAmong The Many speaking points equipped to prepared Drunk dialers are, “If that you can yell at a Park Ranger after forcing the federal government to close down then I get to yell at you”; “My grandma can’t get her most cancers treatment”; “I Will Be Able To’t watch the panda”; “You had one job to do and also you failed”; and my favourite, “You guys aren’t funding the police which are defending you???”

Each drunken rant supplied on the website online features a link to a information article with full details, so callers will be able to hang their own should there be a staffer to be had to respond to the call. On the off probability that the Member in reality solutions the phone, if we’re to consider the marketing campaign site, two drunks can talk out the solution to the shutdown.

As of Sunday evening (October 13, 2013), the DrunkDialCongress.org has been considered Through more than 605,000 people (distinctive visits). Slightly Below 88,000 random Drunk calls to Congress were made.

So when you have your drink in hand and are able to make your name, go to DrunkDialCongress.org, put in your cellphone quantity. While You get the callback, you’ll be linked to a random Member of Congress. And Start yelling. Then, don’t disregard to share the campaign on Twitter and Fb.

Now, begin consuming.

UPDATE: Via Monday evening, DrunkDialCongress.org surpassed the 100,000 calls mark… and counting.

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