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StoryPress will Now Let You Capture and Share Your Own Stories Online

StoryPress will Now Let You Capture and Share Your Own Stories Online

From earlier period, Stories were playing the most important part in our lives. In early days, they used to come from grandparents to grandchildren or from folks to their children. But as Stories use simply phrase of mouth, so they’re within the excessive chance zone of being forgotten or lost forever. StoryPress, new app will now keep your own Tales. Customers can Seize these Stories and might share them with their friends Online.

In Keeping With the kickstarter page of the app, Users can merely report their Stories by using merely telling it into the app or they are able to opt to press pre-set matter within the StoryPress. Their Tales will also be in line with any theme such as any happy or sad moment, or any memorable or inspiring moment, marriage ceremony or any other story they need to share.

StoryPress is simple and simple to use. Users can merely make a selection of their subject matters and then merely read round 10-15 questions and provides audible solutions. StoryPress will record their solutions and will store them into an audiobook.  After the completion of story, it’ll save the story to the cloud. These recordings will also be shared in StoryPress group and the Customers can trade their settings In Step With their alleviation, they are able to make it both private or public.

The goal fixed for Kickstarter is $15,000 and thus far the app has been in a position to lift simply $4200. Mike Davis, Developer says that he has big plans in pipeline; he intends to incorporate pictures, tune and videos as well into StoryPress2.Zero.

What so that you call to mind this app? Would you additionally prefer to share your Tales Online via this app?





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  5. ericmreitz // April 25, 2013 at 23:27 // Reply

    I have an HTC Android with a Facebook app built in as standard. Yesterday I had an message on my wall telling me to update the app, but after reading reviews of the update, I don’t want to update the app. Anyone know how I get rid of the message as it constantly sits at the top of my news feed and is really annoying!

  6. Ryan Dunn // May 21, 2013 at 20:41 // Reply

    In the lastest iphone app commercial it showed that app being used to turn off the living room lights. I want this app but have no idea what the name of it is.

  7. Zack Faria // May 21, 2013 at 23:22 // Reply

    I want to make an iPhone app and I have a good idea and I want to develop it and then put it on the App Store. How much money is usually made? Say per month? I know it’s a rather general question but thanks!

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    I have been hearing and reading the words app and apps over the last couple of years. They are always used in context to a cell phone or computer. I looked the words up in the dictionary but they weren’t there. What do those words mean?

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