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Taco Bell Is Stuffing Cheetos Into Their Crunchwrap Sliders

Taco Bell Is Stuffing Cheetos Into Their Crunchwrap Sliders

Taco Bell Cheetos Crunchwrap

Taco Bell Cheetos CrunchwrapTaco Bell Canada

Taco Bell Canada just pulled an The Usa.

The Fast Food locations up north are serving up crunchwrap sliders full of Cheetos.

Get your head within the recreation, Taco Bell UNITED STATES OF AMERICAA.!

The jalapeño-flavored Cheetos ‪crunchwrap sliders‬ are available in beefy cheddar, spicy rooster, and supreme.

Beefy cheddar is chock-full of floor Pork, nacho sauce, and shredded cheddar cheese.

The spicy hen sliders feature shredded chicken and spicy ranch sauce, and the supreme sliders are filled with ground Beef, nacho cheese sauce, bitter cream, and tomatoes.

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These are actual Meals products, we promise.

As everyone knows, Taco Bell loves incorporating traditional chips into their merchandise.

Doritos and Fritos have both discovered their means onto the menu.

It Can Be Crucial to note Taco Bell Canada’s Cheetos ‪crunchwrap sliders function Cheetos inside the slider; it’s now not a Cheetos shell.

The question is: what chip is going to find its approach onto the menu next?

Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips? Ruffles? Pringles?

Take notes, T.B. We’re prepared.

Talking of Taco Bell, in finding out in the video (under) what Snooki thinks about Fast Meals…

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