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Taylor Swift Is Learning To Mind Her P’s & Q’s Before Her Royally-Filled Performance For Charity!


Hookergate might quickly be all cleared up…or at least that is what Biebsy’s people are hoping!

While it’s been rumored that Justin Bieber visited a brothel in Brazil and partied with prostitutes, it all changed into a bit extra suspicious when video pictures leaked of the teenager king snoozing as a woman left his room and blew kisses.

We Now Have already printed who that mystery lady is…but what everyone desires to know is, smartly, does Tati Neves get paid for doing the dandy deed???

And it seems that some folks *cough*Group Biebs*cough* need us to imagine that resolution is a giant, fat no as a result of folks from his aspect are reporting that not best is she no longer a prostitute, however she’s it appears now not devoted!

Big shocker on that remaining element! LOL!

The Biebs’ individuals are it seems that scrambling to solve this rumored sexcapade mess by using admitting that he DID

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