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Teens make 30% of unknown “friends” on social networking sites

Teens make 30% of unknown  “friends” on social networking sites

About 30% of teenagers’ contacts  in social networks are unknown , in line with a file by means of the Organization of customers and Customers (OCU), released on Friday to mark the Day of the Web 2013.

Furthermore, the study says that, on reasonable, 177 young folks have “digital friends”, a determine that varies relying on the service. OCU’s record highlights the misinformation amongst oldsters between the fogeys, greater than 1/2 are unaware of the collection of friends, known or unknown, that their kids are in social networks and, on the subject, 27% ​​of respondents admit their lack of expertise. This displays, says the record, that the problem will not be the network, however the misinformation from oldsters . Even Though 95% stated that their children use the Internet and 84% that have a presence on social networks, Forty Seven% thought to be that virtual contact that occurs as a result of that presence is sure , whereas on the opposite facet lies the 25% who believes that it has poor affect.

Teens add 30% of unknown people added to their friend list on social networking sites

Teenagers add 30% of unknown folks  to their “pals” record on social networking sites


For networks and age , the OCU determines that Tuenti is most incessantly used by Teenagers between 10 and 16 years, where almost 60% is existing, adopted by way of Facebook , with 56%, Google+ , 12%, and MySpace , Three%. In This interval, the elderly, between Thirteen and 16 years, increasing its presence in Tuenti , the place 77% have an account, like Fb , with Seventy Two%, and kids of 10-Thirteen years, decreased to Forty Six% in the Spanish social network and Forty Four% in the provider developed by using Mark Zuckerberg .

Furthermore, it’s common for teenagers to have presence of simultaneously in a couple of networks , although they have got a preferential Area for one in all them. In This regard, Sixty One% of younger folks make a choice Tuenti , in comparison with 24% who prefer Fb and 9% who opted for Twitter .




9 Comments to “Teens make 30% of unknown “friends” on social networking sites”

  1. MentallyCryppled // June 6, 2013 at 16:04 // Reply

    Okay i have been asking my self, how do people involved in developing social networks make money. Zuckerberg is a billionare through facebook only. But how because we dont pay anything for using facebook.

  2. Social Network Analysis works with graph theory, which comes from math. But how much math do you really need to know in order to have the necessary tools for working in this field? What subjects should one master? Calculus, statistics.. ?

  3. lets roll // June 7, 2013 at 07:21 // Reply

    Not going to SEOs, but using social networks to spread a website like http://www.web2coders.com, a portal for graphic designers and professional coders? I have noticed an increase in hits and visits by just taking part of these. Appart from Facebook and YA, what are other social network that give results?

  4. Michael C // June 7, 2013 at 07:21 // Reply

    For a small business , do you think advertising in social network like orkut help to reap profits?
    How does advertising in social networks work ?

  5. I am trying to reach the first page on google’s search results for the keyword of my full name. Are there any social networks other than facebook and myspace I can do this with? Any suggestions??
    Anchor text and external links are very useful, but i would like to know some specific social network platforms I may use, for example: myspace, facebook, naymze, etc.

  6. evil chevy // June 7, 2013 at 08:17 // Reply

    MySpace (big one)

    and what ever else social networks there are out there. Oh and on a side note how many people use twitter?

  7. Smashing Pumpkins // June 7, 2013 at 12:58 // Reply

    Basically taking all the social networks like myspace, facebook, pinterest and twitter etc what features would you keep and change, do you have ideas for new features? Id like to know everyone’s views. If you comment something dumb and pointless you really are a douche

  8. Thomas A // June 8, 2013 at 04:00 // Reply

    What kind of qualitificatif will use to compare social networks together ?

    Example this social network is : “global, local, originale, protect my data, the content is reach, poor, friendly , elitist, modern, old fashioned, too much advertising, the site is reliable , unique .. *

  9. nyyankees1123 // June 9, 2013 at 08:35 // Reply

    There are many social networks like Twitter and Facebook but there are many features that people would like that aren’t available. For example, when Facebook changes its layout, many people ask for an option where they can keep the design as it is and not be forced for the change. What features would you want to see on a social network?

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