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The Big Brand Theory: Red Bull’s Social Media Marketing

The Big Brand Theory: Red Bull’s Social Media Marketing

red bull social media marketing

Within The mid-Eighties, Dietrich Mateschitz and Chaleo Yoovidhya teamed as much as create Crimson Bull. In The late ’80s and early ’90s, Mateschitz, The Corporate’s CEO, leaned on guerilla Advertising And Marketing aimed at younger dance membership buyers. Should You were a NY city or London DJ hoping to place on a birthday celebration, likelihood is you have been ready to get Red Bull to ship over a pile of product with some very sexy people to lend a hand move it out.

The Corporate continued their unconventional Advertising And Marketing By Means Of specializing in sports activities – in particular those that have an excessive amount of fan energy comparable to soccer, Components One racing, and excessive sports activities. By Way Of the tip of 2012, the energy drink firm had offered over 6 billion bucks’ price of product and subsidized numerous sports groups, and most significantly, the Crimson Bull Stratos jump.

The Corporate’s Advertising And Marketing ethos has translated well into social media, Most Likely even helping to shape large Model social media Marketing across industries.  Brand knowledgeable David Aaker wrote, “I Know of no other Model that has connected with clients so many ways.” A More In-depth look at The Corporate’s social profiles finds some core ways.

Rule number one: By No Means speak about…

One Of The Crucial outstanding factors about Pink Bull’s social media, is you By No Means see neighborhood managers speaking about the energy drink itself. Even Nike and Dove succumb to inserting promotional posts of their social – but Red Bull stays pure.  On Occasion there are product photographs, along with the ubiquitous slogan, “Pink Bull provides you wings.” What you do see, over and over, are photographs of individuals doing remarkable things: browsing, snowboarding, car racing, skateboarding – and regularly in some extreme method. That slogan may also be felt In The very content itself.


The Emblem shares a wealth of beautiful photography and video, however when it comes to words, it goes for the pithy, short-and-sweet, keep-it-easy-silly college of wordsmithing. Latest Facebook posts featured captions reminiscent of: “No better time than at the moment,” “Flipping brilliant,” and “Never turn down an adventure.”

You Could describe Purple Bull’s strategy as primarily publishing cool content. The group managers don’t have to spend too much time “attractive” – that’s largely completed Through the enthusiasts, themselves. If The Emblem used to be to return to lifestyles and come knocking to your door, I’m sure it might be sporting shades, and no longer have quite a bit to assert.

Possibly Red Bull fans are too busying leaping over vehicles and off of cliffs to enjoy a full paragraph, however then Purple Bull also publishes a few magazines, Terra Mater and The Purple Bulletin.

red bull marketing ethos

Crimson Bull Media House

For years, Advertising And Marketing consultants were pronouncing that manufacturers want to become publishers, which is exactly what Pink Bull did.  In Addition To the magazines talked about above, they have created their own file label, a recording studio company, an online radio channel, and extra, all of which might be under the rubric of the Pink Bull Media Home.

While it’s doubtful that revenues from the media side of the industry will ever make up greater than a fraction of The Company’s wealth, it does sign that message and content are fundamental to The Emblem’s lifestyles pressure.


When Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner took the leap out of the balloon pill that brought him to over 23 miles above the earth’s floor, he broke world data for the easiest soar from a platform, perfect manned balloon flight, fastest vertical speed, and the longest distance free-fall.  A file was also damaged for essentially the most concurrent live flow views on YouTube: eight million. Pink Bull is aware of find out how to make Situations an essential component of their Advertising efforts.

A Photo that Pink Bull posted of Baumgartner’s protected touchdown was shared over 30,000 occasions inside 40 minutes, and generated over 215,000 likes in the identical duration. Even after the Event, a Recent video made up of POV videos received over four million views within every week.

Purple Bull has come a ways since they had been passing out freebies in evening golf equipment.




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