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The funniest App Store review process skit never got aired, here it is


Apple’s WWDC14 event way back introduced the new Swift programming language and iOS 8 with its interactive notification to the wide audience, but that was also the time when the Finns from Rovio netted more than $200 million in revenue just from its hit Angry Birds single.

Enter funnyman Larry David who you may or may not be familiar with but is behind such quirky series like Seinfeld or Curb your Enthusiasm, and more recently took the role of Bernie Sanders on the Saturday Night Live episodes running up to the presidential elections last year.

If you don’t know his style, someone unearthed a hilarious App Store review process sketch that had to air around WWDC14 but had apparently been scrapped for some unfathomable reason. 

Saucy? You decide why those birds are so angry, after all they broke all profit records at the time and induced a true copycat avalanche that had to be dealt with by App Store reviewers somehow. Oh, the Snackintosh food truck is pretty hilarious, too.

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