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The Palm Top Theater turns your iPhone into 3D display

The Palm Top Theater turns your iPhone into 3D display

Have You Ever obtained bored of 2D videos in your iPhone? Right Here comes the good news. The Palm High Theater will turn your iPhone into 3D and that you may get more interesting experiences whereas taking part in videos and games. A Bit Of Japanese association called Pied Piper Inc. displayed this iPhone on the streets of SXSW. This 3D iPhone seems like A Bit black field and it sounds as if glasses-free 3D projection coloration has been introduced into that tiny black field.

The Pam Top Theater is a combination of two free iPhone apps: Palm Prime Studio and Palm Top Theater. The palm Theater app permits its user to browse and buy extra content material like short films, video games and even the lastest song videos. The Palm High Studio app lets in its user to create their very own videos using free Adobe After Effects plug in and add the video clips to the app in order that different customers can download that. It’s very inexpensive as lots of the content is free of value; it costs no longer more than 2 dollars even supposing it is paid obtain.

The Pam Top Theater has little however spectacular design. Ann Yamamoto advised in an interview that the Palm Prime Theater which was once launched late final year was once being provided to them for $33.

It presentations videos very evidently and in an exquisite manner. Its three totally different layers combine to create a novel and wonderful image because the back layer makes history, the middle one makes picture and the entrance one is for textual content.

This Glorious iPhone is on hand on the market in u.s. for $33.Ninety Five. This iPhone helps the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5. Firm has made it compatible for other variations like full sized iPads which are used primarily for artwork exhibits or checking out.




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