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The Syrian electronic Army Hacks The Onion’s Twitter Feed

The Syrian electronic Army Hacks The Onion’s Twitter Feed

The Electronics Army of Syria took a whole cling  over the satirical journal of Twitter named The Onion Nowadays on 6th of May Just and used the medium for ridiculing al-Qaida and Israel in front of its customers.

One Of The Most feeds made on The Onion Today says that UN took back its observation about the usage of Chemical weapons in Syria but the checks made through Lab ensures that it was once accomplished with the aid of Jihadi physique.

One Of The Most participants of hackers despatched a screenshot of how The Onion’s twitter page seems on their pc. The hacker is meant to belong to pro-Syrian government.

The Onion Lately is especially a journal concerned about satirizing the News based totally businesses. The Most up to date articles printed in it center of attention on merciless Syria and its existing situation.

Such kind of articles printed within the magazine has actually injured the feelings of Syrian who believed that the magazine will provide News in a funny way.

The Electronic Army of Syria has started to hack Twitter feeds and foreign News businesses as neatly. BBC Information, National Public radio, Reuters and Al Jazeera are some of its victims.

The Principle goal of Syrian Electronic Military is to work in opposition to the people having sympathy for Syrian president.

Despite adding a couple of new features in opposition to the tightening of security services and products, Twitter still continues to be a ways behind Fb, Apple and Microsoft as all of them present two-step authentication to its customers.




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