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This squirrel that nabbed a GoPro seems to really know how to shoot video


We’ve already had an eagle grabbing a digicam for a pass-usa adventure, a grizzly endure getting up shut and private with a GoPro, and an elephant nabbing a tourist’s camera for a handy guide a rough “elphie.”

Squirrels, too, have proved themselves to be slightly artful in terms of coping with photographic gadgets, Although the impressive high quality of this latest video (above) suggests they’ve lately been attending night lessons to additional refine their talents.

The GoPro digital camera that shot the sequence belongs to Canada-based totally YouTuber Viva Frei. Regardless Of the action camera having a look nothing like a nut, Frei had an inkling that the bushy-tailed creature would however to find it hard to withstand. And he was right.

Journeying a nearby park frequented through the animal, Frei put the GoPro in report mode, positioned it on the bottom, and slowly backed away.

Certain enough, along got here a curious squirrel, who, after giving the software a quick as soon as over to substantiate its safety, picked it up and scurried off.

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What follows is a delightful level-of-view sequence of a member of the animal kingdom not most effective simply scaling a tree, but additionally scampering carefree amongst its considerable foliage. All while preserving a camera. Although at the finish it tumbles to the ground (the camera, no longer the squirrel).

Whether Or Not it was pure luck that the camera lens was once pointing right away in entrance of the squirrel or deliberate managing on the part of the furry creature is tricky to say, but the results could hardly ever have grew to become out higher.

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