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Top Markets by Percentage for WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat (Infographic)

Top Markets by Percentage for WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat (Infographic)

By Means Of David Cohen on Jun. 17, 2015 – 5:30 PM


WhatsApp is to South Africa as Snapchat is to ireland as WeChat is to China.

GlobalWebIndex decided the top markets for those three messaging applications, in terms of Percentage of Utilization By Using on-line adults.

GWI said in an e-mail to SocialTimes:

A carrier like WhatsApp is conventional of the 15 or so chat apps we observe globally in that fast-boom nations that are inclined to dominate the top 10. South Africa posts the absolute best determine of all, an impressive 68 percent, but Malaysia, India and Mexico usually are not far behind. That’s as a result of online populations in these nations being skewed in opposition to younger, urban and affluent demographics, which can be at the very forefront of smartphone Usage.

Snapchat is one thing of an exception to the existing geographic pattern, though, with mature Internet markets accounting for almost all of the top 10. Usage amongst teenagers is also a lot better than these total adoption figures.

In Different Places, the success of WeChat in the Asia-Pacific area is typical of this being the area where Facebook’s two messaging apps face their greatest problem. In Reality, Line is tops in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand; BBM is wildly widespread in Indonesia; Kakao Talk leads in South Korea; Zalo is significant in Vietnam; and WeChat has the Chinese Language market sewn up. All this makes it lovely clear that APAC is the area yet to totally succumb to WhatsApp and Messenger.


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