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Twitter improves Search with its Updated apps

Twitter improves Search with its Updated apps

Twitter launched more desirable search interface and auto complete tips in its new replace for cellular apps and cellular website.

Customers will experience higher outcome now, every time they’ll search for tweets. Now with each search the person operate, Prime tweets will pop up in front of the person which might go well with the particular search made by way of person. Along With that consumer will have the ability to see the older tweets as well.

For its iPhone and iPad apps, Twitter launched many iOS specific updates on Wednesday. Whenever consumer will make a click on on the links coming on his twitter timeline, the webpage will appear on the reveal with tweets displayed beneath the net content. The Aim of this update is to share the hyperlink with something interesting to its consumer like some video or some game. That You Would Be Able To additionally make tweets disappear from the screen by way of clicking on the reveal.

Autocomplete offers its person better updates while typing. These updates may also be within the form of morehashtags, subject suggestions and username suggestions. To make it look more actual, issues instructed with the aid of Autocomplete are often Up To Date.

App Retailer [iTunes link] and Google Play [Google Play link] will facilitate your downloading for twitter’s update apps.





6 Comments to “Twitter improves Search with its Updated apps”

  1. mrankinmatt // May 23, 2013 at 21:29 // Reply

    I’ve tried emailing amd using mobile apps such as whattsapp,snapchat. Can you give me any other apps or ways to transfer the videos.

  2. Are the repeating mobile apps (like puppy talk, talking ben the dog etc..) are only for touch phones?

  3. Squall Leonhart // June 1, 2013 at 06:05 // Reply

    Ok, so I set up my fantasy baseball teams using the cool login with google feature instead of creating a yahoo account. Now I can’t use any of the mobile apps!! Is it possible for me to transfer these to the yahoo account I now created? This is killing me… Please help!

  4. Coffee t // June 2, 2013 at 16:59 // Reply

    Everytime i download mobile apps and i tried to run it, it requires me to connect to internet… this is kinda annoying.

  5. Is it possible to earn at least $10.000 within a day with mobile apps. If i have good idea and marketing skills can i earn more than $10.000 in a day without creating breakthrough like angrybirds?
    What if i have not the best app but great marketing skills can i make that kind of money?

  6. Big Banger // June 9, 2013 at 14:09 // Reply

    I know a little about programming languages like Prolog and C++ but nothing about mobile apps developing!
    Can any one help me with some information about it, and thanks.

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