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Twitter is an emotional spiral after THAT 'Walking Dead' moment

Twitter is an emotional spiral after THAT 'Walking Dead' moment


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This post contains spoilers from season 6 of Strolling Dead. Serious spoilers.

Our hero is long past.

In a merciless act of Tv, fan-favourite WHEN YOU CONSIDER THAT season 1 and experience-or-die persona Glenn WAS ONCE killed throughout Sunday’s Strolling Dead episode “thank you.” And Twitter is rightfully able to set the Wolves on whoever at AMC made that call.

First there WAS confusion. Then anger. Then unhappiness. Then, of course, the conspiracy theories.

However there WAS one thing everyone might agree on: Glenn DID NOT deserve this. RIP — in fact no, don’t rest in peace. Come again from the Dead and get your revenge on Nicholas.

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