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Twitter’s Call For Feedback, #HelloWorld, Garners 5,746 Tweets In First Three Days

Twitter’s Call For Feedback, #HelloWorld, Garners 5,746 Tweets In First Three Days

During CEO Jack Dorsey’s keynote at Twitter’s developer conference, Flight, the promise used to be made to developers that there would be extra listening and more transparency from The Corporate.

Dorsey requested any individual and everybody (especially the 1,500 developers from over 39 countries in attendance) to submit Comments to The Corporate about its product and the way it can do higher using the hashtag #HelloWorld:

Tweet at us what you’d like to see at Twitter. Tweet with the hashtag #helloworld, we will take all of this information and enter to make selections over time to verify the platform is one thing you’re pleased with and can use increasingly. It won’t happen in a single day, but I’m convinced we’ll make the precise decisions.

Lately, Twitter up to date its development on how that’s going.

In a weblog post, the crew shared:

In total, there were 5,746 Tweets in the first three days after Jack’s Flight keynote. Of These, roughly 700 eager about the platform. The Bulk had been about the Twitter consumer app or our industry generally. We additionally reviewed the conversations that sprung up online, including at Hacker News.

I’m certain that The Corporate has gotten way more than 5,746 at this point and more might be on the best way, perhaps at a less-speedy percent.

Apply-thru is key for re-gaining momentum with 3rd birthday party developers…and present Twitter users usually. The Company, which is working on new products and procedures to kickstarting boom, needs the entire lend a hand it may possibly get. Whether Or Not you think that the method is lip service or not, saying that you just’re going to do one thing after which doing it will be significant at every phase in the lifetime of a company.

Twitter didn’t supply many specifics into one of the vital prime requests, only saying that there was once “Lots Of Remarks” about Moments. Optimistically, when something will get updated, The Corporate will level back to the folks who made the suggestion.

Here Are the top items The Corporate have heard about for the patron product:

Ability to edit Tweets
Take Away the A Hundred And Forty-character restrict (and an equal selection of requests to not Take Away it)
Reinforce the Lists Feature
Accessibility improvements across the product
A Number Of Remarks about Moments
Tips on Make Stronger search

Platform requests came in four areas, The Company stated:

Make changes to Twitter’s API charge limits and token restrictions
Make more APIs public and make beta purposes open
Provide extra transparency and a clearer improve course to our Gnip offerings
Make Clear the Developer Agreement and Developer Coverage

So transparency…more than earlier than, is still to be seen how issues go shifting forward.

One thing though…

Please lord, don’t do the editing tweets section. Kim Kardashian is still on my make-imagine-shitlist for suggesting that one.

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