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US Ignores India’s Request Against Google And Facebook

US Ignores India’s Request Against Google And Facebook

On Friday, The ministry of Home affairs (MHA) made a request in Delhi Courtroom complaining about the united states authorities not taking any action Towards 11 US-based websites together with Google and Fb accused of selling racism and bringing down nationwide integrity.

It was further instructed through MHA that they received a verbal exchange from the united states department of justice on March 20, 2013 saying that the request can’t be executed as a result of it works Against america principles of free speech.

According a letter got by way of the usa authorities, Mutual Criminal Help taking care of legal issues between united states of america and India told that they really feel sorry to inform India that they won’t be able to take any motion on the request made with the aid of them as the motion would go In Opposition To the principles of free speech provided with the aid of US structure.

On January 8, VinayRai filed a criticism Towards Eleven US-based totally web pages and directed MHA to take strict movements Against these internet sites. The MHA gave its report to the Courtroom concerning the verbal exchange received from US authorities.

On March 20, US authorities knowledgeable that the primary amendment to US structure gives proper of freedom of speech to its residents. Due To This Fact there can’t be any legal prosecution In Opposition To freedom of speech.

After doing a careful review on the information, the request works Towards the foundations of free speech provided by structure. US authorities told that the Article 3 provides right to them to disclaim the request made.

21 May has been fastened because the date for next continuing.




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