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Vacuum Swallows Fire Flames

Vacuum Swallows Fire Flames

The demand of vacuum cleaner is growing day by day. With the dearth of space and with multi use of resources, the demand for vacuum cleaner is exhibiting a fast growing development. The Purpose of vacuum cleaner is to take away dust, dust particles, mist from furniture and from such areas where human palms cannot reach. Dyson vacuum cleaner is one of the strongest cleaners ever made. It Could Possibly get rid of the hardest of spill marks, dust particles, even the hardest ones.

There Is yet another good information now which came into mild through the video uploaded on YouTube by way of channel of Photoninduction and that good information is that this vacuum is immune to fireplace as smartly.

In The video one fearless man has been shown who poured gasoline on the pavement and then set Hearth to it(Pointless to say that this must no longer be tried at dwelling as people involved In The video belong to a group of specialists). The undaunted tester became on the vacuum and to the amazement of all it swallowed the entire flames as simply because it does mud mites.

After this check, they set the vacuum too on Hearth as a result of its energy may lead to devastating effects at some point.




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  1. How the mighty have fallen.
    In my eye, a glimmer dies
    As the star
    Emits celestial light no more.

    I walk silently
    On this moonlit night;
    Strike me down where I stand
    For I will land without clamor.

    The thicket shall be my grave,
    Though my body has long been my tomb
    So let my iris fade out
    And my fingers fall limp.

    ‘Tis not a part of nature,
    For my dust wanders
    An unclean boulevard
    To this day.

    But though I am,
    I suffer not
    From the untempered tides
    Of cerebral constraint.

    I cast a view
    To the sinking globe
    And see it thrust
    Into an unnoticed vacuum.

    The nonchalance of it all.
    It is but cloaked,
    Not swallowed,
    So those within feel it not.

    They cease to recall
    That shooting star,
    Know not it was a spark
    From primordial flint.

    An arm looms below
    With gauntly fingers poised
    To scrape the crust
    And set the skin ablaze.

    I feel a pit
    In a stomach I once had.
    Why can’t I turn my sight
    From this apocalypse?

    I reach for that world
    With wispy grasps
    But cannot help them,
    Those discontent masses.

    Perhaps they shall hear me.
    Perhaps a man will ponder
    This moonless night
    As the world is dashed to flames.

    Shall he look upon the fire
    That strokes the horizon
    And see no difference
    From the rising sun?

    He most certainly won’t,
    I have no doubt.
    And the hourglass will count back
    The searing sands of time.

    The flame engulfs the rock
    And that soul looking up
    Will burn with his steel breath
    Frozen in the sky.

    I cast indignant glances
    As the cries roar,
    The glow spreads,
    And the storm approaches.

    It cleanses the smolders
    And leaves the Earth to heal
    And scab over,
    But it will never return.

    I turned my back
    On that cold, radiating world
    With sunken holes
    Behind eyes once had.

    I am alone
    To walk the mute stars
    And recall a phrase
    Of how the mighty have fallen.

  2. First off: If you think fire is pure energy and is mysterious to science, then you might as well leave. But for those who do know a thing or two, I have some questions about fire:

    I know that fire always needs oxygen and some type of thing for fuel. I want to know is, “What things are flammable and why?”

    Fire burns almost orbish in space and looks primarily blue. I’m trying to figure out is, “Why in space, with its zero gravity, makes it orbish and on earth, with its gravity, the flame goes up when most things are pulled down?”

    “Why does fire eventually tapper off at the top and makes point?”

    “Why does a burning fire make a vacuum in a glass jar once an air tight lid is sealed on it?”

    “Why does fire die out once you put the lid on it?” I know it needs oxygen and what not, but it’s not like the oxygen atoms disappeared , and it didn’t escape because there’s a jar surrounding it…

    “Why does fire flicker?” Like, it gets randomly brighter and darker.

    “What would an atomic bomb look like in space?” I herd the explanation here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081016100757AAWDdJ0

    But if there isn’t as much light admitted from out of it and no sound waves at all since it’s in space, then the energy must be displaced some other method, or it would have vanished. “So what other ways does the energy from and atomic bomb get put out if not by sound and little light?”

    And it didn’t mention what shape it would be in space, I’m guessing an orb right? (Star wars lied to me if that’s true ;_;)

    “Is fire oxygen that has a bunch of electrons all throughout it?”
    If that’s true then, “What makes oxygen the only substance to become fire?” “Why only oxygen?” “Is there something special about its make up that makes it’s the only thing that becomes fire as we all know it?”

    “What is a spark?” Like the glowing things that come out of welding cars.

    “Why does fire always start out as heat?”

    “How does fire, happen?” I think it the transfer of the fuel source’s electrons to the oxygen atoms giving it more electrons which makes it warm. But if that’s true then,
    “What pulls the electrons from out of the fuel source and onto the oxygen atoms?” And, “How does fire become light?”

    Also, “Why does oxygen stop being fire?”
    After that is explain, then explain this, “Why does that makes it stop?”

    “Is it possible to have a type of fire that doesn’t admit heat, and or light?”
    If not, “why?”

    “Is there a type of thing that is negative fire?” Like when you look at it you see only black, it makes a very bright room dark, it takes energy away and makes anything that on it colder and colder.

    “How many electrons does it take to make it become fire?”

  3. Hotshot t // May 21, 2013 at 16:59 // Reply

    I am looking for a vacuum cleaner (canister or upright) that has an attachment for carpeted stairs that is ROTARY or MOTORIZED. That means that the attachment that hooks to either the hose of a canister or upright vacuum has moving brushes to easily clean and raise the nap on carpeted stairs easily.
    I know I have seen these somewhere but now have no clue where or even what brand it was.
    Anyone own one of these or know which ones might have this much needed feature? Thanks!

  4. Jermaine J // May 23, 2013 at 14:45 // Reply

    I just bought a purple dc25 animal vacuum cleaner for 550. I would like to know from Dyson owners about to expect out of my vacuum and how long it last? so if you do own a dyson let me know if not dont answer! thanks!

  5. MexicanDude // May 26, 2013 at 03:09 // Reply

    I want to test whether my home brew all purpose cleaner kills bacteria as good as lysol or any other cleaner. What do I need to grow bacteria in a control environment and test each cleaner?

  6. Agent 47 // May 29, 2013 at 03:21 // Reply

    I need to replace the belt in my Dyson Slim vacuum cleaner. Replacement belts appear to be divided into two categories: 1) belts for clutch systems, and 2) belts for non-clutch models. In which category is my Dyson Slim?

  7. Courtney // June 4, 2013 at 00:58 // Reply

    Looking for a the best Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner as I have 2 dogs- very heavy shedders. My Black and Decker conked out it only 6 months. I checked out Amazon and saw there are many different kinds but now I’m confused! They don’t expain the diferences and everything looks good.

  8. Scott Bull // June 4, 2013 at 19:58 // Reply

    Answers from people who actually own, or use one, please! I want to buy a Dyson Ball upright vacuum cleaner. My floors are mainly wood/laminate, with a few rugs, so I want it to automatically adjust to the different types of flooring. Needs to be reasonably light and good for doing the stairs ie; long hose to reach the top, preferred. There are a lot of choices out there, so personal recommendations much appreciated – many thanks.
    Richard & co – I have owned a Dyson before, so know of the potential pitfalls with them. I do actually own a Vax at the moment – total cr*p – which is why I am going back to owning a Dyson. They now come with a 5 year parts & labour guarantee, so i’m pretty much covered for it’s projected lifespan, should anything go wrong.

  9. mal_functiongeo // June 9, 2013 at 09:17 // Reply

    i need a new vacuum cleaner, due to shoulder prob must be upright.
    can anyone recommend one. for a flat. no pets.
    used have a dyson that my daughter borrowed and dropped down stairs. have cylinder and its too hard work. tried another cylinder. like the idea of the ball as my flat is an odd shape. but no stairs.
    ps i have had a henry b4 no thanks.

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