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Want a great work-life balance? Consider one of these 25 careers

Want a great work-life balance? Consider one of these 25 careers

If being able to leave your work at work (or do your make money working from home) is essential to your professional delight, you may want to Imagine a career on Glassdoor’s record of 25 Easiest Jobs For Work-Existence Balance. Recognizing that this reasonably nebulous time period can mean various things to completely different folks, the profession site makes no effort to outline the advantage — moderately, it simply asks its users to rank their delight with their skill to Balance the skilled and the personal while managing the roles they’ve. And today, the rankings were published.

In amassing their Information, Glassdoor requested respondents to describe their satisfaction with their job’s work-Lifestyles Steadiness on a scale of 1 to 5, the place a Score of “1” would counsel that the respondent could be very disillusioned, a “Three” manner the Balance is all right, and a “5” translates to very glad. On moderate, Glassdoor users in 2015 appear less satisfied overall than they’ve in years previous — whereas employees averaged a Three.5 in 2009 and a 3.Four in 2012, up to now, the common ranking is a Three.2.

But rising above the remainder are the next 25 jobs, lots of which are, unsurprisingly, within the tech sector.

1. Knowledge Scientist

  • Work-Existence Balance Rating: Four.2
  • Earnings: $114,808
  • Number Of Job Openings: 1,315

2. SEO Manager

  • Work-Existence Stability Ranking: Four.1
  • Salary: $Forty Five,720
  • Collection Of Job Openings: 338

Three. Ability Acquisition Specialist

  • Work-Existence Steadiness Score: Four.0
  • Revenue: $63,504
  • Choice Of Job Openings: 1,171

4. Social Media Supervisor

  • Work-Life Steadiness Rating: 4.0
  • Revenue: $40,000
  • Number Of Job Openings: 661

5. Replace Teacher

  • Work-Existence Steadiness Ranking: Three.9
  • Cash: $24,380
  • Choice Of Job Openings: 590

6. Recruiting Coordinator

  • Work-Life Steadiness Rating: 3.9
  • Revenue: $44,700
  • Number Of Job Openings: 446

7. UX Clothier

  • Work-Life Balance Rating: Three.9
  • Revenue: $Ninety One,440
  • Number Of Job Openings: 338

8. Digital Marketing Supervisor

  • Work-Life Stability Rating: Three.9
  • Earnings: $70,052
  • Number Of Job Openings: 640

9. Advertising Assistant

  • Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.Eight
  • Cash: $32,512
  • Selection Of Job Openings: 384

10. Net Developer

  • Work-Lifestyles Stability Ranking: 3.8
  • Earnings: $Sixty Six,040
  • Selection Of Job Openings: 2,117

Eleven. Chance Analyst

  • Work-Life Stability Rating: Three.8
  • Revenue: $69,088
  • Collection Of Job Openings: 208

12. Civil Engineer

  • Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.Eight
  • Salary: $65,532
  • Selection Of Job Openings: 809

Thirteen. Consumer Supervisor

  • Work-Lifestyles Stability Rating: 3.8
  • Earnings: $Seventy One,One Hundred Twenty
  • Choice Of Job Openings: 503

14. Tutorial Fashion Designer

  • Work-Lifestyles Balance Score: 3.Eight
  • Cash: $Sixty Six,040
  • Selection Of Job Openings: 782

15. Advertising Analyst

  • Work-Lifestyles Balance Ranking: 3.Eight
  • Salary: $60,000
  • Choice Of Job Openings: 341

Sixteen. Software QA Engineer

  • Work-Lifestyles Steadiness Ranking: Three.Eight
  • Income: $Ninety One,440
  • Choice Of Job Openings: 457

17. Net Dressmaker

  • Work-Life Stability Score: Three.Eight
  • Cash: $53,848
  • Number Of Job Openings: 500

18. Analysis Technician

  • Work-Existence Stability Score: Three.Eight
  • Earnings: $36,525
  • Selection Of Job Openings: 299

19. Program Analyst

  • Work-Lifestyles Stability Score: Three.7
  • Salary: $71,One Hundred Twenty
  • Choice Of Job Openings: 524

20. Data Analyst

  • Work-Existence Balance Score: 3.7
  • Revenue: $58,928
  • Number Of Job Openings: 1,954

21. Content Material Supervisor

  • Work-Lifestyles Steadiness Ranking: Three.7
  • Earnings: $60,960
  • Choice Of Job Openings: 409

22. Solutions Engineer

  • Work-Lifestyles Balance Rating: Three.7
  • Earnings: $Ninety Two,456
  • Selection Of Job Openings: 652

23. Lab Assistant

  • Work-Lifestyles Balance Ranking: Three.7
  • Salary: $27,550
  • Number Of Job Openings: 779

24. Tool Developer

  • Work-Existence Balance Rating: 3.7
  • Salary: $80,000
  • Selection Of Job Openings: 3,330

25. Front Finish Developer

  • Work-Life Steadiness Score: 3.7
  • Earnings: $Seventy Five,000
  • Collection Of Job Openings: 1337

The incidence of technology on the checklist may be because of the laid-again tradition of the startup and expertise work scene, in addition to the normally excessive pay, versatile hours, and same old free lunch that includes the package deal in a number of the Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley jobs. But It Surely’s for sure worth noting that work-Life Steadiness doesn’t essentially correlate with a better Salary — seven out of the 25 jobs listed have an average Earnings of under $50,000, suggesting that cash in point of fact can’t buy happiness.

In Any Case, in case you’re looking to get out of long hours or a miserable environment, this list is also a just right position to start your new search (and find your subsequent job).

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