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13 Comments to “When your heart stops beating, you will continue tweeting!”

  1. That was very unprofessional to just fall asleep on commentary, and I guess Michael Cole got off to try and wake his ass up. WWE should fire Lawler for that. I say a WWE wrestler should take his place, one that can actual talk and wrestle.

    Falling asleep on commentary instead of doing your job. If you can’t talk for 3 hours then quit or just have him fired. Very unprofessional

    This is professional wrestling, we pay you to act, not fall asleep on like the 2nd hour. He should go to WWE Smackdown, 2 hours migh be good for him. He nearly messed up the 2nd half of Raw.

  2. I’m looking for philosophers, and examples of their works, that deal with the concept of Artificial Intelligence and the formation of identity and all that stuff involved. If you can, please list a relevant work that I could purchase or at least look up online.

  3. I mean artificial intelligence that is at human level intelligence or surpassing it. The creation of robotic humans that go beyond humans’ intelligence.

    If it’s necessary, then explain?

  4. Jeracoo L // May 22, 2013 at 14:26 // Reply

    I am getting ready to write a paper on artificial intelligence and would like to get a general con-census.. how do you feel about artificial intelligence? For or against? and why?

  5. wwwavid360gamercom // May 24, 2013 at 10:37 // Reply

    I intend to enter the defense industry as an artificial intelligence specialist after I graduate from school. Which programming languages should I know well? I hope Common Lisp is still important, but I would be even more excited if a lazy FP language such as Haskell is widely used as well. Java and ADA, I can … live with. Are C/C++ common as well? If it helps, I want to get involved in the development of autonomous fighting machines and cognitive computer systems *in particular*.

  6. everydayGuitarist // May 30, 2013 at 11:13 // Reply

    I’m a real fan of Iron Man, and the artificial intelligence under the suit. Is it possible to get contained versions of A.I like this?

  7. Agent 47 // May 30, 2013 at 23:29 // Reply

    If I wanna give a seminar on brain implants under artificial intelligence category , how I need to justify.
    It is actually related to vision and hearing implants.

  8. Ramblin Spirit // May 30, 2013 at 23:29 // Reply

    I am extremely interested in computer science and to be more precise, artificial intelligence. I think that a degree in that major is quite prestigious, but I was worried if there are good careers which are related to the degree.

    Will I have good opportunities if I do a degree in the above mentioned subject? If yes, then what careers are available? Is it possible to get a good salary straight after university?

    Anyone can answer this question but I would highly appreciate answers from professionals or students who are already related to the field.

  9. Ryan Dunn // May 31, 2013 at 03:54 // Reply

    There are many people predicting that computers will eventually become conscious. At the same time, artificial intelligence is becoming more and more sophisticated. It seems reasonable to believe that artificial intelligence might some day become so sophisticated that we won’t be able to tell whether a computer is really conscious or just mimicking consciousness.

    So it seems like some day we could be in a situation where we’ll have to debate whether computers are really conscious or not. How do you think we could settle that debate? Assume, for the sake of arguments, that computers at least SEEM to be conscious, and the question is whether they are really conscious or just highly developed artificial intelligence. What line of reasoning or experimentation could you use to determine whether they’re really conscious or not?

    Or do you think we could never know?
    By “intelligent,” I mean sentient, conscious, etc. By “artificial intelligence,” I mean mimicking intelligence.

  10. My ex and i have had a rocky relationship over the course of 2 years. We broke up a month ago and stopped communicating all together about a week ago. He claims that i have pushed him away by antagonizing his every action. I didn’t try to but we don’t seem to love each other the same. When i look at him i still get butterflies everytime. He makes me nervous and i ultimately think the world of him . We still follow each on twitter and everytime i see him tweet my heart skips a beat. I don’t want to feel weirdly obsessed with him i just know that im really in love. However, idk how he honestly feels about me. He said that we were over and needed to cease communication and its really hard since he was like my best friend. I know he knows i love him but maybe he’s not certain of the extent. I will be shocked if i ever love someone this much again. I love him down to his soul and I’m so proud of all of his accomplishments. If he said he wants to leave it alone should i just really not contact him anymore?? Its extremely hard to suppress all of these feelings i have for him. I just wish that things would work out but i don’t see it happening. What do i do? And no, moving on may not be an option. Im very picky when it comes to dating. No one hardly captures my attention. He is the only one to have grabbed my heart right away. When it comes to anyone else that i have dated in the past, for much longer than i dated him it felt nothing like this. It is so frustrating because id do anything for him. If i tell him all this idk how he would react. Please, tell me what do i do?!?!? i feel like im losing it

  11. I’m all for a developed society but even science fiction writers can see the massive problems with an a/i based future. so what the problem that artificial intelligence is the solution to?

  12. I am really interested in artificial intelligence / autonomous devices and i really want to know if it could strive without physics. Any mechanical or electrical help would be highly appreciated. Is the “artificial” program code rely on physics completely? Is there any such thing as artificial intelligence?

  13. I have a presentation due for my Cognitive Psychology class. I know AI (Artificial Intelligence) is related to it. However, I’m lost on how to present this topic. It is so broad. I would like to know if you guys have any suggestions or a good specific thesis in this area to focus on?

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