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Why do people use hashtags on Facebook?

Why do people use hashtags on Facebook?

Why people at the moment are the use of hashtags on Facebook ? According To sources , the phrases represented through the emblem “#” emerged in IRC chats in mid-2000, to focus on the essential phrases.

In 2007, the microblogging network Twitter has popularized using # hashtags for easy searching of phrases within the website online and create the famous trending topics , essentially the most used terms within the last hours. If the social community  does now not use this feature to organize the quest phrases then what made individuals to use this?

But The perpetrator is just not Facebook itself, however customers who publish content material filter by using Instagram. As The app was once created to share photographs on social networks, subtitles that customers position regularly comes accompanied by hashtags.  The Rationale? The hashtags permit you to to find one of the best topics of the photographs.

An instance makes the whole thing clearer. If the particular person has made a up to date shuttle to Europe and visited London, it could be excellent to put the hashtag # london after the captions of the pictures. Fb friends will to find it funny, but a person who desires to look nice photos of Abbey Highway, the road the place the Beatles recorded their final album, individuals can locate your pictures extra easily with the aid of the tag # london.

If I took footage of legal lectures and my friends at Campus Celebration, using the tag # CPBR helps locate different images similar to mine and see what individuals are commenting on the experience. I Will do the same thing with the largest on the earth of video games, which happens in the us, the usage of the tag # E3.

Mark Zuckerberg introduced on the 15th of January this yr that Fb will soon have recourse Graph Search, so we can find extra element knowledge of your folks. It Isn’t recognized, however possibly the usage of hashtags also highlighted some content in place of others.

And sure, hashtags no longer yet have a clear performance on Facebook. However, before you whinge about your good friend who is the usage of # ‘s for your pictures, ensure it’s using the Instagram linked on Facebook or message may be coming from the app’s professional Twitter account linked to it. And assume that regardless of hashtag be a different code on Facebook, he may want to just share your pictures with extra people in a simpler method.




18 Comments to “Why do people use hashtags on Facebook?”

  1. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of # before a word on facebook. What is it?

  2. kiltakblog // April 22, 2013 at 15:08 // Reply

    I mean what does it do? My tweet gets published on facebook?

  3. I am looking to get more followers on Twitter. Does anybody have any advice or tactics to get more people following you?

  4. I see people randomly using the numeral sign # next to a post. Also, in the memos for my work at the title of things they would have a # sign at the end such as “September Guidelines #”. So why do ppl throw that # in??

  5. heavenly sword // May 24, 2013 at 11:05 // Reply

    I really dislike when people use hashtags on things that are not instagram or twitter, but websites like Facebook and even texting..

  6. I am so confused… I am stuck on this page that is just like a Facebook News Feed! I am going nowhere! Any help on what to do?

  7. Taylor G // May 25, 2013 at 14:23 // Reply

    I know this question is commonly asked and frequently answered, but I really want to know how I can get more followers. I’ve heard suggestions of having a theme. I usually tweet about my life and random things, but I love tweeting about pop culture for both Bollywood and Hollywood, I also make a ton of Indian jokes(; So, I guess that would be the closest thing to a theme I have. So, what are some suggestions on how I can get more followers with such a theme?


  8. stephen m // May 26, 2013 at 15:55 // Reply

    I have noticed that some of my friends on facebook post a status, and then at the end of the status, they use a # with a word that describes the status. What exactly is this?

  9. The directions don’t make sense. Is it just endless reading of facebook posts? Or am I supposed to do something?

  10. I have an instagram but compared to my friends I have almost no followers. I understand that a lot of people share each others profiles and get followers like that but that just hasn’t worked out for me. Any suggestions? Oh and the account is @Youngster_Joey79 if any of you were interested in following. (:

  11. shahrukh // May 29, 2013 at 15:51 // Reply

    I have a Facebook but I’ve been thinking about switching over to another social site. I don’t know much about the Twitter, but it sounds more secure & private far as I’ve heard.

  12. vanvark83 // May 31, 2013 at 03:42 // Reply

    I usually see it towards the end of peoples status’s, for example

    ” oh i love going to the movies with friends #Callingitanight ”

    whats the point of the # symbol?

  13. Victoria T // May 31, 2013 at 12:27 // Reply

    For example, when someone uses a hashtag on facebook and someone may reply, “#hashtagsarefortwitter” or “#keepthehashtagsontwitter”. Or for example when someone uses the word “ain’t” and someone may reply, “‘Ain’t’ ain’t a word.”

  14. I have an account on instagram called @summer_countdown_ Its just a bunch of ideas for summer and ive had it for a couple months now and I still don’t have as many followers as I would like (89). I’ve gotten shoutouts from people, and use lots of hashtags, but I still don’t have a lot of followers and I think its a pretty good account, idk maybe not. Check it out though.

    So any good ideas? Thanks! 🙂 Oh and follow meeee: @summer_countdown_

  15. I’ve noticed hashtags on the ends of some Facebook update posts from friends. What do they do?

  16. Zack Faria // May 31, 2013 at 19:52 // Reply

    I figured since every time I turn on the TV I see the Facebook or Twitter logo or random hashtags and I was just wondering if every single social network just disappeared completely for a week, what would happen?

    BQ: How many social network accounts do you currently have?

  17. I can understand why people use it on Twitter but it’s not necessary on Facebook.

    I see people putting “#sobored or #lovinglife, etc…
    And excuse the word “this” in my question. lol

  18. Facebook isn’t twitter. What’s the point?

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