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Woman is fined £ 440,000 for making illegal downloads

Woman is fined £ 440,000 for making illegal downloads

A Woman was sentenced to pay a effective of U.S. $ 222,000 (about £ 440,000) for illegally downloading track on the internet in the united states. The Verdict, delivered most effective remaining yr, was once best verified last week by way of the united states of america’s Supreme Court Docket .

Jammie Thomas-rasset, 35, used to be discovered guilty in October 2007 for violating the rights positioned by using  Kazaa downloads. The song Industry has introduced proof that the accused had shared greater than 1,Seven Hundred songs to other users, though the lawsuit has held only for 24 songs.

In Step With safeguard attorneys, the amount was too enormous and accused stated she can’t have enough money this kind of large sum. The Recording Industry Affiliation of The Us (RIAA) supplied first a deal value U.S. $ 5000 then about $ 10,000. Due To This Fact, the RIAA stated it could be content material with a donation of $ 25 000 (just over £ 50,000) for charities within the track Trade. Alternatively, Thomas-rasset twice refused and opted to head to trial.

Jammie in addition to, many netizens had been additionally sued by Record companies in the remaining ten years. Then Again, not like the lady, the opposite defendants agreed to make a deal and paid about $ 3500 (simply over U.S. $ 7000) per download made.




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  1. Why do people always listen to the Supreme Court? What if they really disagree? Like, not just a person, but what if a whole state court system disagrees?

  2. In what ways does the supreme court take politics into account in making decisions? and is this appropriate? also what would be an alternative?

  3. Matthew David // May 23, 2013 at 11:37 // Reply

    I’m doing an assignment on the US Supreme Court. I am having trouble finding or comprehending the answer to the above question. Please help.

  4. Cases in the United States. I know how they get to the Supreme Court, but i want to learn about specific ones and why those got so far.

  5. MexicanDude // May 26, 2013 at 14:45 // Reply

    Why would a case need to go to the supreme court when state courts have just as much power as supreme courts? What is the process in deciding what courts move to supreme court and which dont?

  6. PillowMan1234 // May 31, 2013 at 07:32 // Reply

    Should the Supreme Court have intervened in the overturning of Jim Crow laws in the 1950s and 60s?

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