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Woman pays $ 500 for iPad, but gets a piece of plastic instead

Woman pays $ 500 for iPad, but gets a piece of plastic instead

Suzanne Nassie bought an iPad for $ 499 (just over £ 1000) within the metropolis of Brockton, Walmart within the U.S., but instead she received a pretend tool manufactured from plastic.

Upon discovering the scam, She was once not allowed to speak with the property supervisor. The Company additionally informed Suzzane that she must Complain the faux product straight away to the Apple and no longer with the keep that did the resale.

The pretend instrument came with out a cable and inplace of rear speaker, there are most effective painted dots. Apple actually uses metals and aluminum, and plastic, but according to Suzanne there have been no signal of steel within the system. This Isn’t the primary time that occur, at Walmart. Complaints had been registered in shops in the regions of new Jersey, Florida and Texas.

After this this comes out in open, supervisor of The Corporate settle for the Grievance of the women and made an official apology and offered the money paid by using the patron again as a type of compensation.

“We’re nonetheless trying to be aware how this took place, We’re reviewing our transactional data to resolve how this product is on our shelves. If a customer is buying an iPad from this retailer, they are welcome to open the product to confirm, “the supervisor said in report published on a website online.




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  1. Do you have to pay for the tickets. Will walmart be giving out tickets for the ps3 bundle the one that comes with batman, infamous and the batman movie.What time should I go to get tickets if they open at 5am?

  2. I’m going to my 24 hour Walmart on Black Friday to score an awesome TV, but to be honest I’ve never done Black Friday before. The sale starts at 8AM and since the store is 24 hours when should I arrive? I was thinking maybe 4AM and stand by the electronics section until they wheel out the cart. Also does Walmart in force a ticket policy on flat screen TV’s?

  3. Xbox Gamer // May 30, 2013 at 10:44 // Reply

    I bought a Walmart prepaid visa card i put $20 dollars in it. What happens if i use all the $20 dollars do i get charge or owe money?

  4. rashest_hippo // May 31, 2013 at 05:53 // Reply

    I’m asking this again because nobody helped last time :[
    On some of the expensive items hanging on a shelf in walmart there will be a pale tanish plastic device at the end. This stops you from taking it off, and you need to get an employee to do it for you. What are they called, and what are the key/device to remove them called also? Thanks!

  5. Hey I just wanted to know when does the Black Friday deals go live online at Walmart this year. I’d like to hear from people who have shopped online in the past. Oh yeah any tips would be cool too.

    Appreciate it.

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