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Woman was fired after she called her work ‘joke’ on Facebook

Woman was fired after she called her work ‘joke’ on Facebook

Speaking dangerous about your employment on social networks can turn out to be a real reason to get fired from your job. That Is What took place with Jessica Bibbs. Jessica complained on Fb that her job is a joke and that her workplace colleagues are fake and this commentary of her on social networking website make her lose Job.

Bibbs, who labored in a physical therapy place of business, showed her disappointment on Facebook after finding out that she would now not receive a job promoting. Even without the company name within the submit and with the non-public account, her boss become privy to the message thru quite a lot of co-workers, which are incorporated within the list of contacts within the American social network.

“This place is a comic story! I Ponder if I ignored a just right opportunity being on this position. I completely hate pretend people and lazy! Ugh, people who in fact work are the ones responsible? “Bibbs stated in a publish on Facebook.
Even If Bibbs consider the put up was the rationale for her firing, a consultant from his previous job posting claimed that used to be no longer the only reason and the way in which she handled different employees is the primary reason.

Bibbs although unhappy however mentioned that she simplest wrote what she was once feeling on the time.

“I be apologetic about because I got fired, just posted what I was feeling in my personal profile. I Did Not mention the title of the company or the staff, ” says Bibbs.





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  2. josh12rox // May 22, 2013 at 18:06 // Reply

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  4. Malcolm Hudson // May 26, 2013 at 00:00 // Reply

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