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Women tweet, men complaint more on Twitter

Women tweet, men complaint more on Twitter

Girls tweet more, however males criticism extra on the social networking site, a brand new find out about of Twitter use has discovered.

The learn about discovered that ladies on Twitter speak extra about non-public matters, tv programmes and work, while men are in all probability to tweet about recreation, gaming and news.

In Terms Of tweets related to brands, Girls beat males, whereas men are much more likely than Girls to bitch, the Telegraph studies.

According To the study of 1,000 British Twitter accounts through Brandwatch, Women tweet around 15 times a day, on average, when compared with 9 updates per day from males.

Edward Criminal, an analyst at Brandwatch, stated that many studies have proven that women and men use more equivalent language online than offline, so it used to be surprising to see such clear differences within the results

He delivered that 140 characters motivate many of the non-usual options of spoken language, which could explain this divide.

Criminal said that it was clear that women and men both mentioned completely different issues on Twitter and used completely different language to take action.

Overall, tv and film was once the most well-liked topic to tweet about, followed through game, track and celebrities.

According To the file, the recognition of television as a Twitter topic suits in with the strategy the social community has been following not too long ago.

The Brandwatch learn about also found that the brands possibly to be mentioned on Twitter have been foods and drinks related, followed by means of clothes and accessories brands and technology brands.

The food and drinks tweets were dominated through Ladies, 73 per cent, as were the clothing and accessories tweets, 89 %.

The learn about discovered that Eighty per cent of technology-associated tweets came from men.

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16 Comments to “Women tweet, men complaint more on Twitter”

  1. What makes both men and women stare at a random girl on the street? If men come up to her and tell her how pretty she is, if women ask her for directions to clothing stores, does this mean that they think she is is stylish/attractive?

    Say the girl is 19, but sometimes looks 16.

    Do men/women tend to stare at goodlooking people?

  2. Jeffery Carlson // April 21, 2013 at 15:45 // Reply

    Men often objectify women but women are less likely to do the same to men. Women are more emotional while men are less likely to be as emotional. What are the basic psychological differences between men and women, because since they’re both human beings they should be same?

  3. What kind of injections are given to stimulate hair growth for men/women?
    I recall overhearing someone on a train (a female) mention she had some sort of condition which required injections directly to the scalp and soon enough her hair grew back in full. When I asked what kind of injection she said some sort of ‘steroid’? Does anyone know what she could be referring to? Thank you.

  4. What activities did WEALTHY men, women, and children participate in, in the 19th century?

    Individual activites that the rich did, not as a family, but seperately.

    I know men went hunting, what else did they do?

  5. Franklin Bluth // April 25, 2013 at 00:39 // Reply

    Tolerance, Personal Safety, and Equality, or a Terrorist, who preach death, inequality and violence?

    BTW: others think we are terrorist for murdering innocent men, women and children and we say others are terrorist for murdering innocent men, women and children!

    What is the difference in innocent life being snuffed out regardless of where it happens?
    Is it ok when America does it, or do we only identify terrorism when someone kill Americans?

  6. What was the regular schedule men, women and children had to follow during slavery? Can you please give me some examples?
    like what was the usual time they woke up or what kind of chores children has to do…

  7. soccermaster1 // April 25, 2013 at 14:39 // Reply

    I’ve heard many times that power can be an aphrodisiac. It seems that some people are attracted to men/women they perceive as having a lot of political or economic power. Do you have any idea why? And do you think power is sexy?

  8. Say you are a mexican couple, or one of you is Mexican…Is it considered part of normal Mexican culture for the man or the woman to dance with other Men/Women even if you are in a relationship or married?

    What is the proper, and what is not?
    Is it okay for the man (in the relationship) to put his hands on the girls waist/hips? And vise-versa for the woman?

  9. What do you think is the biggest mistake that men/women make in their relationships?

  10. isk8at818 // May 31, 2013 at 03:34 // Reply

    I would think men and women would think the same just as people with different nationalities think the same. But, the older I get, I am 30, the more I see women are more of a love/hate dynamic then men. Women love more then men and they get bitter more then men. Is it hormones that makes men and women have different personalities?

  11. Alina Elliott // May 31, 2013 at 13:34 // Reply

    What is it that makes some people so sex-appealing and liked and others – almost invisible? Is it the same stuff for men and women? Why do some people tremble when approaching a man/woman? What is it that makes others confident they can have anyone they want?

    The more detail the better! Personal experience welcome.

  12. I want to open an online store selling to men, women, and for children. I would like to know what name brands are worth purschasing online? Also, would it be a good idea to buy things wholesale from a certain name brand and certain products that they sell in an online store? Please give me your opinions. Name some name brands too that would help. Thanks!

  13. Spider Pc // June 2, 2013 at 12:55 // Reply

    May i know about the best kerala ayurvedic massage centres for men & women in Mumbai?

  14. Thomas A // June 3, 2013 at 06:51 // Reply

    thanks to my personal relationship with god i know men and women were created equally but one question i could never find the answer to is why there are more males working as doctors, engineers and scientists? the ratio men:women is about 99:1 which is very said. the ratio should have been 1:1 or at least 2:1 but no. why is this?

  15. What is the men/women ratio among the internet users in the world ?

  16. Superman // June 8, 2013 at 10:16 // Reply

    intimate gay men/women is a turn on for me. currently people see me as a gay woman. is this weird?

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