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Yahoo buys famous digital scrapbook website Snip.it

Yahoo buys famous digital scrapbook website Snip.it

Yahoo! has confirmed that it has sold the scrapbook web site Snip.it on Tuesday . Snip.it’s a little startup in San Francisco that lets users to create scrapbooks along with the pictures, movies , articles, and stuff discovered on-line.

Jouhan Allende, Will Dalton, Jen Pollock, Francesco Carli, Marc Nijdam, Ramy Adeeb, Mark Percival, Alaina Percival, Cedric Han, and Sarah Caplener.

Jouhan Allende, Will Dalton, Jen Pollock, Francesco Carli, Marc Nijdam, Ramy Adeeb, Mark Percival, Alaina Percival, Cedric Han, and Sarah Caplener.

” Snip.it staff has created an inventive know-how which let the folks to share the content in social and humorous approach,” mentioned by Yahoo! vice chairman in an electronic mail to AFP.
” the Reading and the sharing of the content is a day-to-day dependancy of the general public of this world, and as a way to not lengthen to work along with Snip.it staff so that you can make much more pleasing expertise for the Yahoo customers.”
The message which was once posted on Snip.it has instructed customers about its “joining forces” together with Yahoo! and unavailability of the carrier anymore . “For the precedent 12 months nd a 1/2, we have worked determinedly as a bunch to constructed one of the best societal information stand in the Web,” mentioned the Snip.it in its message.
“We have been excited for the opportunity given by Yahoo to convey the Snip.it’s new vision on a greater scale at the Yahoo!”
The site Snip.it used to be launched in 2011 through which people can share the digital scrapbooks which can be in accordance with the subject matters or the topics of their selections .
The Monetary conditions for this acquisition aren’t nonetheless disclosed however rumours online has suggested roughly that the estimated figure is also of approx $15 millions.




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  4. Just wondering how videos on youtube get featured.
    Is it by a lot of people favouriting or something?

  5. everydayGuitarist // May 23, 2013 at 19:48 // Reply

    New members are set to full featured, and have trouble inserting comments in a reply. We would like traditional to be the default and not have to tell each member how to change settings.

  6. Terrence // May 24, 2013 at 11:47 // Reply

    Featured actor or supporting actor does more scenes in the film?

  7. lcollier93sbcglobalnet // May 24, 2013 at 12:30 // Reply

    This is the studio album version while Ozzy Osbourne was still the lead singer. The song was featured in the video game, Brutal Legend. The song is not on iTunes or amazon’s mp3 download store so I’m looking to find out what album featured the song. Thanks.

  8. I want to have one of my other videos for the featured video on my channel.

    Thanks in advance!
    I got it figured out.

  9. Only Business // May 28, 2013 at 13:24 // Reply

    What cartoon featured the main team or characters having their base in Big Ben or a similar clock tower? I cant remember for the life of me.

  10. I know featured videos are chosen by editors. So what are promoted videos?

  11. whitesoxfan2347 // June 5, 2013 at 01:01 // Reply

    I have seen several questions that were featured at the request of the person asking the question, how do you do a featured question on Yahoo Answers? Thank you in advance for answering…

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